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Okay y’all, I’ve had a lovely break and would be quite content to remain isolated in relative obscurity until all the madness of the world just up and blows away, but I feel compelled to speak out, or perhaps as the Lord has been telling me, to bleed out. As the slogan goes, “God didn’t save you so you could remain silent.”

I am such a survivor, such an alley cat, like spam and ammo all the way and a properly stocked secret underground bunker, and you can just send me a text when all the insanity has passed. Or not! I’m quite content to just remain in my bubble forever, BUT that’s not where God wants me, which brings me to the whole concept of bleeding out. That is what Jesus Christ did for us all. He opened His arms up wide and He just bled out.

It’s not very glamorous. It certainly doesn’t sit well with our natural desire for self preservation or our heroic notions of being the last man standing in a post apocalyptic hero story. Most of us would much prefer a good Hollywood blockbuster, perhaps a frolicking Mad Max saga. I have a great deal of empathy for the Jews who welcomed Jesus in on Palm Sunday as a conquering hero whom they hoped would lead an army in victory against Rome. I also have some empathy, some awe and admiration, for Jesus Himself who prayed a lot and heard some version of what I am talking about too, the Father’s call to simply hold your arms wide open with love and bleed out.

With our Lord and Savior it was a literal crucifixion, horrific torture, pain, and death that rent the temple curtain right down the middle. I tend to faint at the thought of simply bleeding out emotionally, confronting grief and despair, staying present in the midst of human foolishness and insanity, staying present in His presence, walking through fear.

Without His presence I’m pretty much just burnt toast, but that’s a whole other story.

Chuckling here, but Abraham once launched a good defense of Sodom and Gomorrah pleading with God,  “What if there are fifty righteous people in the city? Far be it from you to do such a thing…” Okay well, how about 45? I doubt I could have found the breath to launch such an argument myself and I’m quite certain I would have started out with a number more like “five.” Lord, is it possible there may be five righteous people in that city? Nah, not very likely. Never mind. Carry on…..

It absolutely rips my heart out that we are going to start vaxxing kids. As I’ve already said, I personally know of young people who have gotten very sick and I know of some suspicious deaths, too. That doesn’t even include VAERS, the formal place where adverse events and reactions are supposed to be reported. They are not even being reported as they should be because it is a time consuming, nightmare of a process. In spite of those obstacles there have now been some 16,000 deaths logged. Something is very, very wrong with this picture.

I can hardly bear the truth of pharmakeia, the fact that the very same greed and evil that inflicted us with the opioid epidemic and cost hundreds thousands of lives, has now been granted billions of dollars in government contracts to inflict us all with an experimental mrna vaxx. A liability free vaxx mandate, a complete immunity from paying any damages. There is all this authoritarianism going on and zero accountability from anyone.

Also there’s a great deception going on, scales over people’s eyes, blindness, an unwillingness or inability to see the truth! For goodness sakes, the swine flu vaccine was pulled when we had 36 suspicious deaths and a few signs of Guillain-Barré syndrome. Today I read of a fully vaxxed elderly man who died of covid and the doctor actually said, “Yes but it would have been so much worse if he hadn’t been vaxxed.” Wut?! I don’t know how much more objective reality can get than “dead.” Is there such a thing as, “less seriously dead?” I think not.

Oh, the wail of my soul bearing witness to this stupidity! It is just so painful. Somebody smart once said, “stupid should hurt” and trust me it does, just never for the most deserving target. It’s usually just the innocent who suffer. One of my worst nightmares is being forced to watch something awful go down and being completely unable to stop it. And here we are once again! “Insanitybytes” was actually an avatar born of that nightmare sense of complete despair and powerlessness. I am actually not the crazy one, I just really want you to live to see another day.

It’s not my call who lives to see another day! It’s really not, and God is sovereign over the whole mess, not me. I’m reminded too, that the world has always been broken, that we once crucified and tortured people, that we have always persecuted the just and murdered the innocent. Jesus came not for the righteous but to lead sinners to repentance. It’s not like evil was just suddenly invented, it’s just that the lights are now on and you can see all these cockroaches scurrying about. That doesn’t mean the world was a good place two years ago.

I love the Lord. He is just so kind to me and patient. There is nothing amusing about this situation at all and yet He just says, bleed out for me. “Consider it all joy,” rekindle your sense of humor, and somehow that all makes sense, somehow that just puts an extra skip in my step and makes everything all better. He really doesn’t ask much of me except to show up, speak up, and bear witness to the madness of the world, but also to bear witness to the goodness of God, to His faithfulness and enduring mercy.

I can’t NOT do it, which really is somewhat amusing. I am just compelled to share the good news and if I’m not blogging, I’ll be painting it on rocks and writing on bathroom walls and all sorts of other horrors. Today I picked up a wet, discarded mask hanging on a bush, a toxic biohazard for sure, and wrote “John 3:17” on it. Very gross, the dirty mask, not the words. Those words really resonate for me today because, “God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him,” and I must find a way to do the same.