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I just heard a story about a woman who had a bad reaction to a vaccine, (no not covid) was hospitalized and wound up in a wheelchair. A few years later they just diagnose her with MS. So ten years of getting progressively worse and unable to walk go by, when she eventually hears about this miracle happening out in the desert by this Catholic church. All she knows is she feels compelled to go there, she gets prayed for, and she starts recovering immediately. A few weeks later and she is actually climbing up stairs!

Her doctor is not very supportive, he doesn’t believe in miracles, and he just starts lecturing her about being in temporary remission and all the dangers of false hope.

Her hubby is not so happy either. He is suddenly filled with anxiety and distress he didn’t have before. He was also really traumatized by the whole thing, since he was the one that pushed her to go get the shot that made her so sick, so he was plagued by years of guilt and regret. Now that a miracle had happened, he was afraid it would all be snatched away. Also her dependence on him was now gone which made him wonder where he fit in her life.

This poor woman, I could so relate to what it must have been like to have experienced this profoundly joyous, life changing healing…. and two of the men in your life just can’t even cope! She spoke of how every time she saw her doctor to report her good health, he just seemed really disappointed in her. And every time she tried to tell her hubby how great she felt, he just got depressed and anxious.

Oh my gosh, I have so been there! It’s a tough life lesson, but not everybody is going to celebrate your successes. A lot of people are too self absorbed, too focused on how your “good stuff,” is going to impact them. Fortunately this lady had the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the patience of a saint, so she understood what was going on.

By the way, that healing stuck. It was not snatched away. In fact, she recently had a sore knee from being elderly and doing too much hiking, which is why I was blessed to get to hear this tale in the first place.

Somebody smart once pointed out that a good chunk of us are not afraid of failure at all, we’re afraid of success. In fact, it’s our fear of success that often keeps us from believing and from succeeding. It sounds pretty far fetched until you hear stories like this woman’s. Change shakes things up, it rocks the boat, and even when it’s a really good thing, it may not make those around you very happy.

Failure is familiar and comfortable and rarely annoys anybody or forces them to confront their own issues. There are often sound reasons to be afraid of success and the good stuff! Sometimes we are just intuitively aware of it and without even knowing the whole picture, it still gives us pause. I sometimes quip about how I just know if I ever won the lottery I’d have to go underground in the witless protection program and change my name to hide from all the “family” who would suddenly decide they had some kind of claim on me.

Yes, that does indeed say “witless” protection. I’m actually afraid of winning the lottery. They tell me fear of money is called “chrematophobia,” but I don’t think I’m afraid of money at all. I’m sometimes afraid of making everyone in my inner circle unhappy and starting a war.

I love the Lord’s abundance, the way He turns a tiny lunch into fishes and loafs. Gifts that just keep giving, rippling out there in the pond. That lady had a miraculous healing long ago, and today her tale of healing, blessed me.