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I appreciated Night Wind’s post called, “finding freedom in a failed state.” So that post along with some others, have kind of led me into this train of thought.

Sometimes I think our greatest flaw as Americans can be our resiliency and perseverance. Watching tik tok and life-hack videos, I’m sometimes struck by the humor of it all. Why yes, yes you can grow corn in a recycled pop bottles and rewire a solar light to charge your device. Or before things get to that point…..you could just say no to your government?!

Yes, we can totally survive off the grid making soup out of the condiments we’ve foraged from an old abandoned fridge, or….we could just say no to our government?!

Sometimes I think we are just too adaptable. There is a time to come up with solutions and solve problems, but there is also a time to wail in despair and throw a tantrum. You can’t “petition your gov for a redress of grievances” if you’re just always going skip over the “grievances” part.

So, before we start cutting designs out for our post apocalyptic fashion show, we might want to try.…..saying no to our government!

If you work for a big corporation and you cannot seem to get around the vax mandates, you should totally start your own business. Become self employed! Be an entrepreneur. Running a legal micro business is actually really easy. You can get a business license, file quarterlies, and pay taxes. The hardest part for most people is understanding self employment taxes and making sure you always put 20% of your earnings away. You may not need all that, but taxes can sneak up on you. If you are a sole proprietor with no employees your paper work is quite manageable.

That really is one of my skill sets. I may well have to rent myself out as a small business consultant and book keeper. We ran a roofing business for many years.

We should totally be building alternative communities too, but actually we should have been doing that all along! People are designed to live in community, so families become our little tribe, and that extends out into church families, and then neighborhoods, this series of small tribes which soon become resources, information, skills to draw on. Now we’re networking and sharing. Need a job, a place to live, a nurse to consult with? There you go, when you have a community, you have a pool of resources to draw from.

That natural system of communities and tribes has really been eroded in the US for many years now, so more people are living alone and disconnected from one another then ever before. This leads many to turn to the government, which of course the government likes because it’s puts them in control and gives them power.

You can see the obvious problem, I mean currently our gov is threatening to cut us off from basic services and our ability to provide for ourselves if we don’t part take in an experimental vaccine. You thwart that kind of abusive relationship by building community. In the olden days gov existed to protect the common good from foreign invaders. Their job was defense! Today they have expanded well beyond their scope and are even trying to tell us what gender our kids can be, for goodness sakes.

So absolutely, I think we should be building community. The first rule of survival 101 is not to stock up on spam and ammo, it is actually get to know your neighbors. That is how you know how much ammo you are going to need! Just kidding. Just a joke y’all.

And absolutely, we should be starting more small businesses and becoming self employed. When you “sell your soul to the company store,” as the saying goes, you literally become a wage slave. Soon you may begin to compromise your other values just to keep your job. Soon you may be left standing there going, wait a minute, do I really want to inject an experimental substance into my body just to keep this job? Self employment and running your own business often brings more freedom from those kind of restrictions.

I think one of the most important aspects of finding freedom in a failed state is preserving honor, maintaining civility, having culture. I mean, right after getting to know your neighbors in survival 101, is building a world you actually “want to” survive in. Life is about so much more then just managing to stay breathing. There’s a richness to our lives that really matters, the pursuit of freedom, inner growth, relationships, meaning, purpose, values. The world we create must be one we want actually “want to” live in. I’m chuckling here, but that sometimes gets forgotten.

And lastly, (although it should be first,) praise and worship! I’m a problem solver, I’m an adapter, so one of the hardest things for me is to just stop. Stop looking for physical and material solutions to what is a spiritual problem. That is so counter intuitive for people like me, but over and over again I’ve seen it bear real fruit. Don’t focus on what is wrong, focus on your blessings and what is right. Then you start thanking God and praising Him for what He has already provided. Not only does that improve our own disposition, but it opens us up to the Lord’s abundance. Gratitude, praise, and worship, invites Him in, it welcomes Him in to offer us solutions, it helps us to open our own eyes to what is possible.

I am chuckling here, I was feeling a bit faint, a bit weak about the knees, not much of a revolutionary and the Lord provided the quip, “give me liberty or give me a .02% chance of dying?” Made me laugh! Laughter is often the best medicine. I will die on this hill, but that hill still stands at .02%. And you know, either way it’s all good! Life is eternal. We get to praise Him, praise Him here, there, and everywhere.