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Chuckling here but Mel Wild wrote a really good post called, “Useful Idiots.” You should go read it, there’s a lot of wisdom in it about the world we find ourselves in today. For me it was validating, edifying, reassuring. A lot of this stuff began the year I was born and so I was born right into the religion of Marxism. Yep, it’s a religion! None of this is breaking news to me, it’s been a way of life I’ve been trying to escape and come to terms with for decades.

A bit funny, but the other day I let something slip out under my breath, “good grief, that’s right out of Karl’s handbook.” My mother who is elderly now and not quite the radical lefty she once was, still promptly launched into a defense of Karl Marx and a rebuke of me for not honoring and glorifying the man properly. True story, just happened. Welcome to my life.

I’ve never had anyone I could really talk to about this stuff on account of the fact that I’m surrounded by so many who just share her views, who feel as if Marx was a prophet, a maligned hero, a great spiritual leader unjustly persecuted.

It’s been tough too within the church, because you either find very liberal, very woke, “Jesus-was-a-socialist-Marxist” folks, or you find outright denial so big, they’re just floating down a river in Egypt. The other day an older man educated me in very hushed tones, “did you know they’re now starting to slip in some Marxism?” Gee, you don’t say. Who knew?

So for me, what is going on in the world today is deeply entwinned in childhood trauma, in a lifetime of trying to find the truth, in chaos and confusion, and in strength and wisdom. It’s kind of funny and certainly delightful, but while the world seems to be swirling the drain right now, the Lord is just swirling around in my soul, seizing the narrative and healing parts of me that I didn’t even know were broken.

He is so good that way.

Let me share the comment I left on Mel’s article because I think it applies here, “Several years ago I realized I had made the mistake of not understanding how easily deceived we are, easily misled as a people. We really are by nature, followers. So we are all useful idiots. The trick is to know Whose idiot you are, and to throw yourself into Him wholeheartedly. God makes Himself known to us, He is trustworthy, and His agenda is really transparent, too. So since you are going to be a useful idiot anyway, choose a good leader, the very best One.”

Bit cheesy and cheeky perhaps, but I am absolutely serious. There is only One way out of this mess we find ourselves in as a culture, as a country today, and that’s turning to the Lord.

When we are governed by Him, we become ungoverned and ungovernable, by the world.