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A palate cleanser is a neutral flavored food or drink that serves to cleanse your palate so you can taste something else more effectively. It is like a plate of crackers at a wine tasting.

Going for a walk, looking at cat pictures, playing some music, these are all palate cleansers. When the world goes mad, it’s good to pause frequently to rid yourself of the after taste. Fortunately the world goes mad quite often, so you’re entitled to lots of crackers.

My hubby is quite spoiled. He has me, right? So obviously he has found great favor with the Lord! I am laughing here, but he was sitting in his new leather chair his kid just got him, that looks out the window at my astounding flower garden full of so many birds, all while eating sausages. It was kind of like paradise. We have a birdbath and bird feeder and just this whole array of little flying creatures putting on quite the show.

A raven showed up the other day. That was kind of funny! I felt him long before I saw him. The whole atmosphere changed and there was just this charge of energy. They are huge, they sound very different from crows, and this one was crashing about through the trees rather clumsily making quite a racket. Also, he cleared our entire yard in an instant. The birds vanished, the cat ran under the house, and everybody just let the raven have whatever he wanted. I have no idea what he wanted, he just hung out and glared at us for a while.

We try to go walk together everyday. Hubby’s health is fairly good, especially since the smoke has lifted and the heatwave has now passed. I live near a bay that used to be lined for miles with these massive oak trees. Only a few of them are left now, so an effort to replant the oaks is being made. We like to go check on the baby oak trees. It’s a bit like watching paint dry, only slower.

This is not a very good picture, but they are the root balls of two trees that fell over and they look just like a couple of trolls chatting with one another and having tea. The day we took that walk, the Navy was doing an exercise which I knew nothing about. It was a bit funny because there was a siren that came out of nowhere and then sudden machine gun fire and I thought, Just fabulous, now I get to die in the middle of a forest with a couple of trolls having tea.

I really meant that “fabulous” too, as in I was a bit disappointed not to have had such an enchanting demise. Now I have to go back to just prying toast out of the toaster with a butter knife….

There are a lot of sad and frustrating things going on in the world right now. I’m not sure if Tolkien was the one who wrote in the LTR about how it was our job to make the sad things un-sad, but that was the general idea and I think it’s very good advice.