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Recently someone smart said they had once taken the red pill, discovered the “red, white, and blue pill” and it all eventually led them to the white pill.

What that means in normal talk is that they had an epiphany and realized something was all broken in society, so they started looking into the Christianity woven throughout the founding of our country, and eventually they found Jesus. Praise the Lord! That’s something worth celebrating! Freedom and Jesus go hand in hand, like peas in a pod. You just can’t have one without the other. He came to set the captives free.

Now, let’s totally shift gears. I’m just over here going, so what’s with all the darn pills??! Pharmakeia people, pharmakeia! How very like a bunch of culturally indoctrinated slaves to the Western pharmaceutical industry to put all our philosophies and vain imaginings in terms of little colored pills! Arrrggg……. I suppose we can also blame the movie “The Matrix” for teaching us to use colored pills to denote our perceptions of the world around us.

When I was a small kid, about 6, I had these terrible night terrors I just named “knots.” Looking back I can now say it was likely a demonic thing. You ever see those 4th of July “snakes” that just twist, squirm, and grow into a black blob on the pavement, but never really do anything else? That’s kind what my “knots” night terrors looked like, this expanding, squirming, black blob, but at the edge of my vision there were all these hybrids, these half human biological experiments gone awry. Very evil. I could never quite see them fully, but I certainly felt them, I experienced them. I was way too young to process this nightmare, I didn’t understand any of it, but I do remember the rescue, I do remember the, “back off and leave her alone.”

That nightmare plagued me for years. I think I slept with one eye open until I was about 30. Today I just sleep like a baby. Today I just rest in the arms of that powerful and protective, “back off and leave her alone.” I’m not afraid of those hybrids, those chimeras, that evil anymore, but I am awake, I am paying attention to anything and everything to do with pharmakeia.

That nightmare and spiritual experience is why I have a biology blog, why I read Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” tale 8 times, and why I am so bound to that word, “pharmakeia.” Pharmakeia, it means “witchcraft” especially involving potions, AKA, “pills.” It is also the word we get “pharmaceutical” from. I am frequently frustrated when I encounter Christians concerned about rebellious women in pointy hats, pagans, and Pokemon cards, all while missing the obvious and evident threat going on right in front of us.

It’s extra special stoopid when such people accuse me of watching Fox news as if I am some kind of shallow, superficial, easily manipulated lemming. My apologies to lemmings everywhere. And to Fox news viewers, too! Just saying, it annoys the heck out me because it so removed from the truth as to be almost be laughable. In fact, it is laughable.

I think a lot about the “days of Noah,” because we’ve now come full circle, we’ve arrived. We’re entering a real world of cloning, of human-animal hybrids, of genetic manipulation, of artificial intelligence. These things are not science fiction anymore, they aren’t “conspiracy theories, ” and they aren’t the stuff of a child’s nightmare, they are real. That’s just what is obvious and evident, what is publicly available information and easy for us to access. It’s probably even farther along behind the halls of power and secrecy.

I mean come on, we’re actually harvesting aborted fetal body parts and selling them to “science,” the very same “science” I am being told I have to honor as some kind of moral arbitrator of society.

I wrote this post a while back, but I declined to publish it. Too personal I suppose, too heavy, too infused with powerlessness. Also, it’s frustrating because some 90% of those I would talk to about these things, would have no idea what I was even talking about. So right on schedule, no sooner had I dumped my post and lamented to the Lord about how nobody ever understands me, Darren Stott at Seattle Revival Center decides to do a talk on, “Hybrid Creatures & The Good News.” Ha! Not only that, it was the most requested subject people wanted to hear more about, extensively up- voted until it was clear there was a huge interest.

I had to chuckle too, because I don’t think it was something he knew a whole lot about, I think it was slightly out of his comfort zone. I also think it was a bit risky, pretty darn courageous, and could potentially bring some heat. I hope not, because that was a really encouraging talk, it made me feel not so alone, and it put some things in a spiritual context. It is so good to hear things drug out of the shadows and spoken out loud. It’s like turning the lights on and realizing that big spider is just a dust bunny. I just sighed in relief through the whole thing.

I am sad and concerned about many things, the earthquake in Haiti, the manmade humanitarian disaster unfolding in Afghanistan, and the tyranny building here in the US. And the Lord is like, Nope! What matters first and foremost is your unmet emotional needs, your well being, our relationship. God is a great multi tasker, He has the whole world in His hands, and still the time to give me His undivided attention. My being “shocked and sad” about what is going on in the world doesn’t really help anyone anyway.

Somebody at one of Sean Feucht’s recent worship events said, “the devil is just a little bit of noise.” I just loved that. I don’t like loud noises very much but I’m also keenly aware the noise itself is not the danger, it’s not the threat, it’s the response within me. That noise itself can’t hurt you.

I just wanted to say, the Lord is so good to me, so faithful, so thoughtful. He provides for ALL my needs, sometimes before I even recognize what they are! Darren Stott didn’t really present anything I didn’t already know about hybrids, but he did talk about the fear and the powerlessness, about the need to break the isolation, the need to speak up, and the need to not forsake the gathering…..and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.

Something he didn’t mention, but something I am going to, is the need to keep your heart soft and forgiving towards those who are busy ushering this stuff in either due to fear or ignorance. There is a lot of fear and ignorance in the world. If you’re going to hate on it, you’ll be trying to pull around a really big wagon full of rocks. Let it go.

***By the way, take your meds. Finish your entire course of antibiotics. Stay on your anti psychotics. This isn’t a post about medical advice, this is a post about a very real spiritual war going on. Those of us in Jesus believe He designed us perfectly, we’re wonderfully and fearfully made, and in no need of any augmentation. In Him we have healing, life and life abundant. In Him we are already new creatures. In Him we have already attained immortality.

These are the very same things our modern pharmakeia is eagerly reaching out for, but they desire the promises of Jesus, separate from Jesus. The lie the enemy tempts us with has not changed one bit since the dawn of time, “You will not surely die…. your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”