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I recently watched “That Sugar Film” and found it entertaining and informative. Long story short, “Damon Gameau embarks on an experiment to document the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body.” How much? About 40 teaspoons a day which is actually a bit low for many Americans. Most of that sugar is hidden in so called “healthy” foods, too. He did not sit down and proceed to eat cookies and soda, he actually ate things like cereal and yogurt, smoothies and granola bars.

So what is my life hack for good health? Ha! Pretty much just do the precise opposite of what the government advises. Take the food pyramid, and just turn it upside down, indulge in lots of healthy fats like avocados, nuts, and olive oil, eat real meat, have some fruits and veggies, and avoid overwhelming your body with sugar. Damon seems to agree with me, so he must be right.

Keep in mind that a teaspoon of table sugar in your tea is actually moderately low on the glycemic index. It’s the 9 teaspoons hidden in your fat free yogurt that are going to get you. A slice of white bread or a potato turns to sugar in your body probably even faster then literal table sugar. Ironically if you just smother that potato in butter, sour cream, and bacon bits, all that fat will probably slow down your sugar absorption. True story.

Seriously however, I am old enough to remember when the Gov got interested in protecting us all from heart disease so they decided to encourage us to follow low fat, high carb diets, and calorie counting. A low fat, high carb diet is basically just converted to sugar in your body. Women like me, meaning vain and trying to stay trim, would eat a half a bagel with no butter in the car on the way to work. Then we would have a dry baked potato for lunch. By the time dinner came around we were nutritionally deprived, half starved, and our metabolisms were so jacked up we could gain weight staring at an ice cube. All this nonsense served to completely mess up our metabolisms, leave us feeling hangry, and rapidly gaining weight.

Food manufacturers responded to the Gov prompting by replacing the fat, flavor, and nutrients in our food with sugar. People today often holler “respect the science” seemingly unaware that science (bought and paid for by corporations and Gov of course,) went and determined that sugar does not cause heart disease, diabetes, or obesity. We shouldn’t be surprised, they also once said cigarettes don’t cause cancer. Sadly, we Americans are the experiment, the clear cut evidence that sugar does indeed cause obesity, metabolic issues, and diabetes. We are also the cut and dry evidence that “science” can easily be bought and sold.