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Edward Snowden has written about apophenia and I find myself rather unsatisfied with his article. Apophenia is, “the tendency to perceive meaningful connections between unrelated things.” Chuckling here, but I may well have a black belt in apophenia. Total apopheniac. I don’t suffer from it, I enjoy every moment of it.

Sez who? Seriously, who says the meaningful connections between unrelated things are wrong or delusional or inaccurate? Or as the famous quote from the movie “Conspiracy Theory” goes, “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.”

I used to call myself a conspiritress on account of the fact that I enjoy research and investigating obscure theories. I stopped however when all my theories started coming true. I set out to disprove some things and found so much truth, I wound up a bit cynical and jaded. I’m not a conspiracy theorist at all, my pragmatism actually makes me more of a conspiracy realist.

First let me say, reality is just brutal and people are totally depraved. That’s a presupposition I think the modern world is totally missing the boat on. In order to get out of bed in the morning and function among a great many sinners, we need a bit of delusion, a bit of unrealistic optimism. The odds of corruption, greed, and injustice ruling the day are 90 to one or something. The wildcard in any given human situation is actually grace, mercy, kindness, integrity, and justice. Those things are not the norm, they are unusual, rare, things hoped for far more then seen and realized.

Which brings me to statistics and another quote, “there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Take for example where I live, dinky rural area, people all in a dither over a 175% increase in covid cases this month, 6% representing breakthrough vaccine infections. This was info reported in the local newspaper so you know it must be true! Snark, what I really mean is that this is public info, so not confidential. What isn’t as well known is that represents a grand total of nine people. Nine people have tested positive for covid and are currently recovering nicely at home. How in the heck can you get an accurate statistic of 6% vaccine breakthrough cases when your entire sample is nine people? Did we chop someone up?

Nah, we just used math and algorithms, punched the data into the computer system and poof, according to the formula that makes 175% increase and a 6% breakthrough rate. It’s all very smart and professional, but it sure doesn’t translate into the real world of biological reality very well. You just can’t have a 6% rate when you’ve only got 9 people to study. Want to talk about data entry and clerical errors? Nevermind, that’s a whole other ballgame. Let me jut say, decimal points really, really matter.

Why does it all matter? Because here in the 9th circuit of hell, masks are becoming mandatory again, there is no visitation allowed at the hospital again and lockdowns are immanent. A bit creepy, but the signs posted now say, “to protect you from covid 19 and other respiratory infections...”

So we’ve just moved the goal post once again! This abuse will continue until we have rid the world of ALL upper respiratory infections? So basically your “new normal” will last until we have eradicated the common cold. And even then, I mean you could still be an asymptomatic carrier……

We need a whole lot more apophenia in the world right now, not less. Another way of saying that is, people need to think critically and start connecting the obvious dots right in front of them.

One last word about conspiracies, are we being played by an elite cabal of masterminds? Not so much. I’m sure there are a handful of Bilderbergers and Illuminati who fancy themselves in control of the world, and of course the assorted organized crime and rampant greed is going on, but for the most part what we are bearing witness to is simply collective human stupidity in action.

Couple of brainless ones were out this weekend promoting this idea of, “take the shot or get shot.” Let me tell you, human stupidity is not an excuse or a defense. Those gals are just as guilty of promoting fascism as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are.

You cannot blame the illuminati, congresscritters, or computer algorithms. We are willing participants in our own brainwashing and as such, we are fully accountable for our own participation levels and the fruits thereof. The biggest lie the enemy has ever sold us is this idea that we have no power, no control, and therefore no accountability.