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That title is a reference to Crowder’s latest song, a bit cheesy for sure, but I absolutely love it. I’m especially fond of his line, “Good God almighty, I hope you’ll find me, praising your name no matter what comes.” That really is my goal in life. A bit amusing too, because even when atheists smash their thumb with a hammer, His name is the first one on their lips! So as far as goals go, this one is totally doable. Just change those curses to blessings, and you got it made.

So yes, good God almighty. Life has been a little scary lately and I simply don’t do fear, not the fear mongering kind that demands subscription fees, anyway. To begin with, I personally know of 3 very healthy young people hospitalized due to vaccine reactions, myocarditis and anaphylaxis. Most likely they will be okay, it just rips my heart out to watch us take healthy young people with a 99.9999% chance of never even catching this virus, let alone dying of it, and just making them very sick for no apparent good reason. That just makes me feel sick in the pit of my stomach.

Gaslighting also tends to frighten me, something that you can see demonstrated in the imagery of this photo. You really want me to believe this is all about “science?!” To make matters worse, in an abstract way these are the same people in charge of protecting us. So my own safety, protection, defense, is somewhat dependent on those ……..unable to engage the clutch and deploy some critical thinking skills?! Just fabulous. Trigger alert.

Speaking of trigger alerts, I find it absolutely fascinating how the entire world seems to be suffering from mental health issues right now. It’s like a new form of social currency or something? I had to laugh the other day, half a dozen people were demanding I need to accommodate them due to their assorted issues when I had the sudden revelation that nobody ever asks me about my own mental health?! Not very polite of me, but since when am I the designated idiot whisperer all tripping over my own feet trying to try to accommodate everyone else’s trauma?

Alleged trauma. I say “alleged” on account of having just watched a few moments of the Jan 6 congressional committee crud. Also not very polite of me to speak it out loud, but that was a downright epic display of failed manhood. “I have never in my entire career been called a mean word! It was so traumatic I had to go have hot cocoa and put my fuzziest pajamas on.” Then you smash your fist on the table before bursting into tears. Absolutely no one will be getting an Oscar for any of those performances.

I kid you not, I hung a jury once. Not me personally, but we collectively caused a mistrial. Assault trial, two grown men, and by the time the alleged victim had finished testifying about all the “trauma” he had suffered, everybody just wanted to punch him themselves. True story! That is what watching the congressional testimony of grown men who were supposed to be cops, felt like. They took some selfies with protestors and then they all stood around together being traumatized. There is so much video footage, it is just undeniable how totally “not traumatic” it all was.

One hysterical woman on social media made a video of how there were bodies everywhere, so, so many bodies. She leaves out the part about live people!! The “bodies” she is so traumatized about are sitting on the grass eating lunch, walking about talking, taking selfies. I’m an introvert, I can totally relate to the trauma of being around too many breathing people, live bodies. Just the same, a fair chunk of Americans now seem to believe Jan 6 was a mass casualty event.

Naturally right on schedule, all the really (p)regressive counties like the 9th circuit of hell here, are once again fear mongering and trying to force people back into masks. I won’t do it, I’m not playing dystopian larp anymore. I simply won’t shop, I won’t work, and I sure won’t be complying with any vaccine mandates and passports. Needles don’t scare me, this virus doesn’t scare me, death doesn’t scare me, but the economic and eventual civil unrest we are heading right towards does give me pause. I’ve been watching rising gas prices, empty shelves in the grocery store, banks you can’t walk into, empty storefronts, and broken things everywhere.

Surprise me people. Do the right thing and just say, “no,” while it is still gentle, easy, and non violent.