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You ever have too much sugar? You go for that bowl of ice cream right before bed and all that toxic goodness just hits your blood sugar hard and you lay their with your heart racing unable to sleep, knowing full well the crash is coming and you’ll probably have a migraine in the morning?

Just me??

I feel that way emotionally and spiritually right now, like I’ve just had wayyy too much sugar and now I have a spiritual blood sugar hangover.

So my local newspaper featured an article on the oldest church in the area. It’s the same article they feature every darn year. Also, it isn’t true. It’s really the third oldest church in the area, but I digress. The point is they are the wokest church in the area, so woke the pastor and his husband brag about how they are so inclusive and tolerant, a good chunk of people who go there don’t even believe in Jesus. No, that’s not snark. They always make a point of saying they are a Christian church, they just prefer to unite over other things unrelated to Jesus like gay marriage, tolerance, critical race theory, and endless virtue signaling. (Okay, so that last one really was snark.) The essence of the article is always, let’s celebrate how progressive the oldest church in town has become!

I’m not hating on woke folks or gay people or other churches, I’m just saying when the pride flag is flown high above the cross, we’ve totally lost our Christian way.

So next Mike Gungor went and decided to send out a tweet that said, “Jesus was Christ. Buddha was Christ. Muhammad was Christ. Christ is a word for the Universe seeing itself. You are Christ. We are the body of Christ.”

No! It just doesn’t work that way. All things are not equal. Buddha actually abandoned his wife and newborn son so he could go find himself. Any woman who has ever dated a bass player can probably relate to that form of abandonment. (Okay, now that really was snark slipping out of my cold, dark heart.) So Buddha and I are not friends. Don’t ask me about the extra steps female followers of Buddha are supposed to take either, because I will vent my spleen there, too.

Jesus is not like any of the others! Even as He is dying on the cross, He is making arrangements for His mother. In John 19:26-27 the Bible says, “When Jesus saw His mother and the disciple whom He loved standing nearby, He said to His mother, “Woman, here is your son. Then He said to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” So from that hour, this disciple took her into his home.…” Jesus restores everything He touches and replaces what is taken.

To add to my own misery, I attended a couple of gatherings where “love will find a way” and all we need is “love, sweet love, ” and how we have to love our neighbor, which is partially true and somewhat Biblical, but somewhere under the crushing load of all that unity and tolerance talk, I was chiding myself for consuming all those empty calories completely devoid of any nutrition or substance.

And then somebody went and said something really triggering to me, “there are no bad people, just good people who do bad things” and I blurted out, and yet some men really just need a warm glass of milk and a tent peg to the head.

Ya know, that’s what I like about the Bible, it always provides us with some balance.

I actually specialize in grace and mercy, in hospitality and forgiveness, in compassion and restoration. That’s my gifting, that’s my mindset, that’s my heart condition. But my spirit is still angry and crying out for some justice. Absolutely, “God is love” and I am all over that, but there’s another part to the equation that is being forgotten.

I kind of stubbornly insist on calling myself a sinner and sometimes even a murderer in recovery. Everyone is in recovery from something these days. It’s not about low self esteem or worm theology or having a poor view of oneself. It’s because being a sinner opens the gateway to repentance and salvation. In Luke 5:31-32 Jesus says, “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Jesus answered, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”

How do you access the Great Physician and bask in His healing grace? Admit you have a problem and a need for Him.

When everyone is just basking in free grace, cheap wine, and endless peace and patchouli, nobody ever has to be accountable, nobody ever has to grow, and it sure isn’t love.

Love doesn’t just blow smoke to smooth out feelings.