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I have an interesting history in that I was at the Watt’s Riots when I was only a few days old, slipped out into the Redwoods right when Jim Jones was building his people’s temple, and I wasn’t far from the Manson murders when they occurred. So these things are not “history” to me, they are an integral part of a very traumatic childhood. I sometimes tell people l was forced to live through the 60’s without drugs. Not for the faint of heart, I assure you.

Just as a side note, looking back I realize I was a kid among atheists who had experienced the Lord and rather then going to Sunday school or learning about the Bible, I think I just bumped into every off the wall, bizarre, weird “Christian” cultian that the 1960’s could hope to produce. It was quite demonic, but I didn’t realize it at the time. Children of God? Flirty fishy? Don’t ask, they were everywhere.

So Jim Jones was a Marxist, a far left civil rights advocate, an original social justice warrior. He was also a huge fan of communism and heavily involved in left wing politics. I’m not exaggerating, this is easily verified information. He left behind quotes praising North Korea for creating a “socialist “paradise. He also had power and clout among the political class of the day. He was really, really creepy but you couldn’t say anything because he was this great guy who cared about civil rights.

Jim Jones is why we have the saying today, “don’t drink the koolaid.” On November 18, 1978, 909 inhabitants of Jonestown, many of them children, were forced to drink cyanide laced koolaid. It was an atrocious mass murder- suicide committed by a charismatic, cult leader who was trying to build left wing utopia, what he called “apostalic socialism.”

“Don’t drink the kool aid,” means don’t get suckered in and brainwashed by charismatic, left wing, Marxist, cultians preaching about rainbow families, who come bearing gifts of cyanide laced koolaid.

In crazy, upside down world, that truth has now been forgotten. The story behind it has been reversed so now “drinking the kool aid” is supposed to mean you are a crazy right wing conspiracy theorist. Well, let me tell you, truth is sure stranger than fiction, and darn near all my conspiracy theories have already come true. Also, pretty sure I’m now totally shameless, a bit like a toxic, teflon coating. Go ahead, call me a crazy person. I’ve seen what passes for “sane” and I think I’ll take a hard pass.

THAT is what it means to drink the koolaid.