I’ve spent the past week attempting to discuss the merits and pitfalls of communism, even occasionally with some people running for public office, although my attempts to engage are severely handicapped on account of the fact that I am slightly to the right of Fidel Castro which in the 9th circuit of hell, clearly makes me a dangerous, far right wing extremist.

Bit of snark…I hope. It’s hard telling sometimes. Darkly humorous, but I recently watched a documentary on Pol Pot and what is the first thing dictators always do? Round up all the friends who tried to talk them out of communism and marxism and just execute them outright! I notice a definite pattern there that just doesn’t bode well for people like me…..

Alas, I am a freedom loving, free speech American who insists on dragging difficult issues out into the sunlight so they can be seen, dealt with, and freshened up like old musty blankets left too long in the attic. From musty blankets airing on a line to damn the torpedoes. What can I say, it is what it is.

Jill has a lovely, elegant writing voice that I enjoy, so you should check out, EARLY GLIMMERS OF A GOLDEN COMMUNIST FUTURE. I don’t think she is confused at all or at least no more baffled then the rest of us trying to walk through some really baffling times.

Here in lefty-ville less then 3 years ago I could have a conversation about crony capitalism and the evils of big corporations being rightfully sued for toxic baby powder and cancer causing sunscreen. In the span of months that now means let’s pay those very same corporations a great deal of tax payer money and put them in charge of injecting us directly with an experimental substance. Then let’s apply government force and try to make it mandatory. Like, the people here who fought against Wal Mart and are terrified of genetically modified foods, are suddenly in favor of genetically modified people???

Makes no sense to me at all.

Night Wind is also interesting and has written, TEACHING CRITICAL RACE THEORY. A bit harsh perhaps, but I really appreciated these words, “In other words, do something instead of spouting fake outrage. The only thing most kids are learning in Conservative homes is what a bunch of hypocrites, poseurs, and parasites the Right is made up of—and that is driving them into ‘woke’ Leftism even faster than the schools are doing. 

True! Politics and ideology are often a heart matter, much more so than a rational thought process. Also, conservatism or Republicans won’t save us, because only Jesus saves. Conservatism with no heart and soul, with no values behind it is like, our team is super cool and inclusive too, because we have Bruce Jenner and a porn star. Woo team!


I’ve been dealing with intersectionality, feminism, critical race theory, and marxism for maybe 30 years now. I can’t fix it, I don’t have any power, but I mean it gets a bit annoying listening to conservatives who act as if CRT has just arrived in our schools a few months ago! Shoot, actually we’re now on the third indoctrinated generation, at least. People were writing about this stuff in 1970. By 1980 it was in the pop culture as common knowledge. So you know, a good 40-50 years of, hate America, brew a race war, down with capitalism, smash the patriarchy, and Che Cuevara tee shirts.

Where have you people even been??

Lastly, Mel Wild always writes some really edifying stuff including this one, Meet the man who taught us to hate America. Awesome and edifying post. Didn’t I just mention the 1980’s? Chuckling here, but as hard as it is to believe, 1980 was some 40 years ago! Wow.

So what do these posts all mean to me? That there is strength in numbers and that there is nothing new under the sun. Strength in numbers meaning, you’re not crazy and you’re not wrong. As depressing as it is to confront the fact that the culture war was lost or surrendered some 60 years ago, that also means there is now no where else to go but up. “Up, up and away” as Buzz says. Also, I just despise the word “unprecedented.” Nonsense, those are always fear mongering words. The Bible says, There is nothing new under the sun. There is nothing that hasn’t already been dealt with dozens of times by hundreds of people, some of them way smarter than you. And always resting calmly over the whole mess is the sovereignty of God.

A bit funny but a smart woman once taught me that spam, ammo, and a secret underground bunker will only get you so far. Real survivors get to know their neighbors.

Get to know your neighbors.