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I just thought we should have a bit of Bible fun, it being Sunday and all. It should come as no surprise that I am a big fan of a good mystery, so quite delighted with detective stories, everything from Nancy Drew to Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, which brings me to Agatha Christie. Agatha Christie was such an amazing writer, that even after her death she saved a 19 month old baby. She had described  thallium poisoning so well in “The Pale Horse,” that doctors caring for the child recognized the symptoms right away and decided to run some tests. Sure enough…

Chuckling here, but she also got herself into a bit of trouble with Britain’s MI5 in 1941 when one her characters, Major Bletchley, seemed a bit too well researched. Apparently Bletchley was also the name of the estate where they conducted secret code breaking activities. She just thought it was the most wretched name possible for a wretched character, and as far as we know, she had no idea what MI5 was up to at the Bletchley estate.

It’s quite a feat to save someone’s life, after you have died. Agatha however, had nothing on the Prophet Micah who was still saving lives a hundred years after he died. True story! Micah is one of the minor prophets, minor like in music, or a literary order. In fact, he was so important, so significant, so critical to the whole story, that without him my favorite prophet would not have lived to be a prophet at all.

Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine. It’s quite true, He is a friend of mine and I do feel quite close to the weeping prophet. I used to talk to God quite a bit about the moral logistics of sending Jeremiah out to preach words nobody was going to listen to, words that would not change the outcome one bit, words he would simply be persecuted for. You may laugh if you like, but it’s quite a complex moral conundrum and there are some fascinating revelations to be found if you are willing to explore it properly.

So anyway, Jeremiah is about to be executed, but some of the elders of the land stand up and basically say, the kings and rulers of long ago were way cooler than you, and much smarter, and that’s why they didn’t execute Micah the Morashtite when he said the very same thing Jeremiah is! Yo, bad idea to execute him, we are about to bring great harm on ourselves! Like, duh people, wake up! Let’s be cool like the kings of old. (You can go read the real translation in Jeremiah 26, but that’s the essence of it.)

If it weren’t for Micah some hundred years prior setting a precedent, there would have been no way to launch a legal defense of Jeremiah. Micah literally saved his life.

Back in the day it was treason and blasphemy to say anything potentially negative about Jerusalem like, “Zion is a plowed field, and Jerusalem is heaps,” or a pile of rubble, or a ruin. Doesn’t much matter how you word it or which translation you use, the meaning is still quite clear and “rubble heaps” is an undesirable condition to find oneself in.

That is one problem with being a prophet, people are usually not all that receptive to the truth. They very much want to hear they will meet a tall dark stranger and win the lottery and you are more like, if you don’t stop drinking right now your liver is going to blow out.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, you matter, you are significant. There are stories woven into yours that you may never know about, not on this side of heaven anyway. Sometimes I can catch a tiny peek of God as the choreographer of a ballet or an orchestra conductor bringing all those sweet notes together, and those are my favorite times of all.