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What is a “foilble,” you might ask? It is a cross between a very human foible and a foliohattu, a Finnish tin foil hat. Why? Simply because while I am on the holodeck living out conspiracy reality, I take delight in the fact that many cultures across the world perfectly understand the whole concept of a “tin foil hat” and often have their own language to describe it. Also, it sounds much more elegant and romantic in a foreign language.

Why wouldn’t you want to wear a foliohattu??

For those really living out in the wilds and off the grid, a tinfoil hat is, “A piece of headgear made from one or more sheets of tin foil, aluminium foil, or other similar material, especially when worn in the belief that it shields the brain from electromagnetic fields, or against mind control and/or brainwashing.”

Well, there ya go.

And what is a neologism? Basically a made up word like “foilbles” that has not yet reached the mainstream, but a select group of people all know what it means. Now put your foliohattu thinking cap on. A neologism is often “driven by changes in culture and technology.” Coincidentally, it is often a wonderful tool for fascist dictators and other purveyors of mass propaganda. How do you herd cats? You drop a good neologism on them and they just obsessively chase after it like a little red laser dot.

That is me. I am that cat, often engaged in an OCD fueled frenzy of an attack, bound and determined to find the origin of the little red dot and kill it before dropping it carefully in your slipper.

Sometimes neologisms are relatively harmless and benign. Sometimes people with dementia or other brain disorders will make up words. Twins will sometimes speak their own language. Teen agers like to find edgy words nobody knows and adopt them. Advertisers, building a brand, and political slogans can all involve neologisms. Words and phrases should always be questioned, observed, challenged, I am just saying, sometimes they are benign.

And sometimes not! Sometimes they are powerful tools of manipulation and coercion. They are weapons of social engineering, designed to influence how you think and feel. Propaganda. They can also be really seductive, like we’re all on the same page here, we’re in a secret club, we’re all “in the know. “

All the cool kids are now saying, “new normal,” so without even thinking (and that’s the problem right there, the not even thinking part, ) but if I just parrot the same phrases I’ve been spoon fed, everyone will know I’m a member of the right tribe.

“Woke,” “heteronormative,” even “gender” are all neologisms. So is “millennial socialism,” a phrase that describes the more passive, softer side of Sears, the velvet glove of socialism, the imaginary one where we can care about the poor, so, so much, but we can just edit out the messy parts related to things like greed, torture, totalitarianism, and mass graves.

You know, civilized millennial socialism like in Canada. Please just disregard the recent arrest of several pastors and the discovery of more indigenous kid’s graves. If you choke on that a little, feel free to wash it all down with the old communist standby of just blaming religion.

I do not dislike Canada by any means. I also do not dislike millennials, many who don’t even agree with the stereotypes and who refuse to stay in the place assigned to them by the cultural narrative. Those are just examples drawn rather lazily from the river flowing right in front of me.

The best defense is a good offense. Question everything and engage not just your brain, but your heart, too.