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I snagged this little meme from brother Wally who went off to nursing school and hasn’t been seen since. I jest a bit, rumor has it he survived, graduated, and is doing quite well, he just has little time for blogging these days.

l did have a good chuckle over this meme, because that has literally happened to me. It was just a sandwich board sign on the sidewalk, but I did walk into it and trip, right after having just prayed for a sign, some kind of guidance about what I should be doing. Lord, I need a sign, something with a big yellow arrow. Not ten seconds later I tripped over a literal sign adverstising a Bible study.

It was an awesome Bible study too, just what the Great Physician ordered.

I just mention it because miracles can be just like that, simple, ordinary things, stuff so normal it can be easy to dismiss and ignore. I happen to be one of those personalities who can see the profound, the many layers of any given situation, and yet sometimes miss the literal and obvious. I’ve spent a couple decades now learning how to just accept the Divine simplicity of literal things from God. Breath for example, is a miracle, not one out of the ordinary, but miraculous just the same.

“Divine simplicity” usually refers to a complex and confusing theological discussion or debate, which kind of makes me laugh because it is just like us people to take a notion like “simplicity” and try to make it really chaotic and complicated. Here is my takeaway however, love is not an attribute of God or an aspect of His character, God IS love. The Bible says just that too, God is love. So love is who God is and love is an action, a verb, it has an observable substance or a tangible evidence to it. Love is kind of like the wind in this context, it is pretty much invisible to us, but it still has an observable substance when it makes contact and starts tossing leaves around.

I think this notion is ten times more important to try to wrap our brains around right now in a modern world that tends to revolve almost exclusively around assigning “identity” and “labels” as if they are our defining characteristics, the very essence of who we are. No! We people could also be called Divine simplicity, not God by any means, but simply meaning we are not our labels, not our identities, not our attributes, and not our circumstances. We are simply His! Made in His image. In Him we have our breath and being.

Critical Race Theory and intersectionality attempts to reduce us to composites, to flat, two dimensional creatures, lacking a Divine essence. Everyone is forced to just stand on the social distancing dot of their assorted attributes. It erases the depth and dimension of people and reduces us to a collection of physical characteristics and collective social composites, many of which tell the world nothing about us at all.