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flag2Had such a delightful time with the family, hanging out and watching the fireworks! It was so nice to see everyone. We don’t get to hang out nearly enough. Also, my grandkids are now taller than me. What’s with that?!

Saw a great sign the other day, “fireworks are the laughter of the soul.” 

Pre-detonation Day is simply a spoof on “predestination” and the fact that not far from here, we celebrate the 4th of July a day early. Why? I have no idea. But it’s a good deal for those who have the 4th off from work and can sleep in.

I suppose if we’re talking about  pre-detonation and explosives, that could potentially be a bad thing. Timing is vitally important when it comes to fireworks. Pre-detonation day went off without a hitch, organized chaos and a good time had by all.

“Predestination” is an aspect of some Christian doctrine that gives many people a headache. It simply means, “the divine foreordaining of all that will happen.” It’s from the Latin praedestinare ‘make firm beforehand.’ I say it gives people a headache because we are kind of linear creatures trapped in time and so attempting to wrap our brains around anything outside of time, can give you a headache and create some emotional issues.

It’s actually a comforting notion however, it means whatever your future brings you, God is already there, working all things for your good. God does not say, help, we’re lost! I don’t know what’s happening! This wasn’t part of the plan, what the heck is going on?? That’s NOT God, that’s people. We people can panic that way.

That does not mean that everything that happens to you is going to be “good” or “feel good,” it simply means God is already there with you, unto death and beyond.

There’s been a bit of a Twitter war lately, “oh ye bad patriotic Christian nationalists, all asking Uncle Sam into your heart and worshiping the state.” Might be a good conversation to have, if it weren’t so emotionally driven. My love for Uncle Sam and worshiping of the state is downright legendary! No, no it is not. That’s total satire. We coexist peacefully, Uncle Sam and I, but uh no,  he is seldom actually in my heart.

Firemen, I like firemen! I watched the Coast Guard rescue someone the other day. That was awesome. Libraries are good. Roads and bridges? I sure enjoy roads and bridges….. And that’s pretty much the whole extent of my love affair with “Uncle Sam.”

The thing is, one cannot compartmentalize one’s faith. In Him we have our breath and being. So cultivating an attitude of gratitude for the country you live in, where ever that might be, is a Christian value. Celebrating freedom is another Christian value, on account of the fact that “whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.” No matter what happens to you in the world, if your soul is free, your chains are gone. Family, children, community, remembering those who gave their very life protecting you, all good things to focus on.

So with much gratitude for this great country we live in and all the angst, misery, and woe that goes into making it possible, Happy Independence Day, everyone.




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