If you want some background on this post, it’s actually in response to Edward Snowden’s post called, Conspiracy: Theory and Practice, Toward a Taxonomy of Conspiracies

I’m actually quite the Conspiritress, so I think I’ve done a great deal of research in this area. My parents were pretty much the far left, so anti government preppers during the 70’s and 8o’s. I practically grew up on the grassy knoll watching the fake moon landing. As conspiritresses go, I’m not the gullible sort either. I can and have asked God Himself for an explanation. Chuckling here, but do that, I highly recommend it, just do it with humility and reverence.

Why do we chase conspiracies? It’s the same reason why I read so many books growing up, because reality stinks. Life can be unbelievably painful and we’re very powerless and vulnerable. That’s the upside, the positive part. The other part is the sheer banality of evil, how ordinary and incredibly boring it is. Just mind numbing with its stupid repetativeness.

The enemy comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. There is no glamour there, no power. I think we’ve been raised with so many comic book super villians like the Joker, that we’ve lost that wisdom. The total depravity of people is stupid, so boring, and so incredibly wasteful. It is yet another young life lost to heroin and meth addiction, it is the slow decay, the excruciating zombie death of addiction. It’s the pain of broken dreams and broken hearts locked on the outside looking in, unable to do anything about it.

Call me a Conspiritess if you like, but Big Pharma and Big Gov have never had our best interests at heart. Shoot, I’m plumb out of conspiracy theories these days, all of mine have now come true.

Snowden writes, “we talk about conspiracy theories in order to avoid talking about conspiracy practices, which are often too daunting, too threatening, too total.

So true, but he left off the part about the mindless destruction, the sheer foolishness of evil, the emotional and psychological effect of just staring it in the face day after day and being totally unable to do anything about it. Heck, give me Pizzagate, over the harsh reality of one in four children being sexually abused and the sheer futility of ever trying to go up against institutionalized pedophilia.

That is the harsh and brutal truth of conspiracy theories. We’ll call that 101. There is a another side to it all too, what we shall call conspiracy reality. We can take our natural hunger for a good conspiracy theory and use it for good. What if rather than the illuminati plotting against us, God and the universe were working in our favor? I don’t think that’s fake news at all, I think it’s downright Biblical. I believe Jesus conspired with the Father to ransom us from the enemy. I also believe, He is risen indeed.

Here is a missing piece of the puzzle, all our “conspiracy practices, are often too daunting, too threatening, too total,” because they are problems without a solution, they are overwhelming mountains, they are insurmountable obstacles, they are way bigger and badder then we are. We don’t need to know the truth behind what is wrong, so much as we need to know the Truth behind what is right, the truth of the personhood of Jesus Christ.

I’m sure I sound like an extremist or a fanatic or something, but really it is such a gentle and soft thing. Seriously, what ails us as a culture, as a world, is that we don’t operate from that place of victory, from a keen awareness that we serve a risen Lord and we are seated with Him in heavenly places at the right hand of the Father. Jesus conspired to set the captives free, and He won the battle. If only we would walk in it…

You can’t taxonomy the truth in an intellectual way, becasue truth is a heart matter.