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I know some people who this meme may apply to, so I don’t wish to totally eviscerate it, it is just one of those feel good memes, designed to make all the inconsiderate, toxic, self absorbed lunkheads feel better about themselves.

Especially addicts, narcisissts, and assorted other bullies.

This is a powerful, bold thing to say, but nope, it’s really not me, it is you.

I have been absolutely pulverized, chewed up and spit out by toxic people. We can talk about how I might need to protect myself better, but maybe it’s way past time to talk about how YOU should behave better.

I’ve spent a lifetime in recovery from more toxic relationships then I can count, most of them I had no real choice about. Let’s flip this meme around a wee bit, the toxic behavior of others shaped how I perceived myself.

My relationship with myself (and with God) was shaped by those around me. And most of those around me have been so toxic and dysfunctional, it’s a miracle I’m even here today. Those in toxic relationships with themselves hurt everyone around them. It is not a victimless crime! Also, its not all about you 24/7.

I’m reaching this point of intolerance and I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. I have a real thirst for justice, for some cultural accountability, for people to start calling evil, evil, and saying, no more.

Ohhh, I’m just preaching it today! So, listen up, don’t be an inconsiderate, toxic, self absorbed, lunkhead, and if that’s you, flip a U-turn.