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Oh my goodness, it’s so hot! I love the heat as long as I’m not out digging ditches or something, but this is a bit much and expected to get even hotter. It’s tough when it doesn’t cool down at night and each day just promises even higher temps. Also, we’re not used to it, this is a freak of nature.

Several things had to align just right to bring the heat rolling down the mountains and the cool ocean air moving away from us. Should be around 65 this time of year, instead it’s breaking 100.

Laughing here, but I have a discomfort tolerance level of about a 2. I learned long ago to wear lots of layers of damp cotton. People often try to wear as little as possible and so it’s counter intuitive, but an extra shirt that’s slightly damp works even better then running about half naked. I also have mist hooked up right over the front door, so get wet and stay wet.

The hardest part has been getting teens and old people to take it seriously! Like, it’s now 104 in your room with the windows shut, so get up, move around, and cool off. Also, everyone is cranky like it’s totally my fault. It’s ridiculous, nobody ever thanks you for actually saving their life.

I’ll get back down to the businsss of blogging shortly. At the moment I’m car-less and it looks irredeemable on account of the fact that the oil and water seem to have merged, we’re having a freak heatwave, and should I survive all this I just get to go have a tooth pulled. Yay me. I do want to thank the Lord however, I have had this broken tooth for a few years now and it doesn’t hurt a bit. There’s a nerve exposed and it should be excruciating, but it isn’t at all.