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Oh my goodness, have you seen the moon? Just gorgeous.

Does anybody know why last year’s, blood red wolf moon of doom is now just a pretty little harmless strawberry moon? I’m laughing here, but for a culture that is allegedly all about the science, we are just incredibly subjective, emotional, and melodramatic. I remember having an argument on social media with an alleged ”NASA endorsed scientist,” with the blue check to prove it too, who insisted blood red wolf moon of doom was a really scientific name.

No. Just no.

So, I have been riding my bike everyday and I am very proud of myself, proud that I remember how, and proud that I have ridden a few miles a day consistently. Along comes this old dude to steal my thunder, having just ridden here from Florida. Florida is about as far away as you can get and it took him 77 days. I am quite impressed, but I don’t appreciate him stealing my limelight.

You may laugh if you like, but I was actually talking to the Lord about the secret desire of my heart and how I rather nostalgically wanted an old dirt bike with the brakes on the pedals and a banana seat and then, poof, it just mysteriously arrived. Somebody gave hubby an old girl’s bike and since I am the only old girl here, I’ve been riding it all over the place. Alas, no banana seat because that would be downright ridiculous.

Speaking of hubby, if you want to know what married people do together, we actually just watch the shadows dancing on the walls. I am laughing here, my photo does not do it justice and the shadow is alive and moving, so it is far more interesting then it looks. There are birdfeeders and hummingbirds, squirrels and fluffy white clouds floating by. I found this quite silly and fun, and a completely unintentional form of entertainment. A good ten minutes had gone by before I thought to point out that we had just become engrossed by this captivating show of sunlight playing out on the wall and wasn’t that a bit weird??

I mean, the real window is on the other side of the room and we do have a TV if we wish to watch a movie or something, but no, we actually just made some microwave popcorn and watched the shadow play on the wall, patiently waiting for the arrival of the strawberry moon.

Often when people ask me what I’ve been doing I just say ”nothing,” mostly because it’s very hard to explain that there is Something remarkable and miraculous in the “nothing,” Something that just makes doing nothing the most important thing of all.