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Sometime I think God is just toying with me, teasing me, and I don’t object in the least. The other day I attempted to mutter something snide about metaphorical “clowns,” right before walking face first into some literal ones. It was mildly amusing because I was just lamenting to God about feeling as if I were surrounded by clowns and longing for the opposite, longing for a clown-less ”normal” I can’t even define.

Regardless I felt…..heard.

We shall call this version of normal, “not clowns.” I don’t know what Not Clown World looks like, but somewhere over the rainbow there is a place that does not hold perpetual pride parades, does not defund the police, and does not carry on about the need to support the recreational benefits of Psilocybin and other hallucinogens.

Tom has written a post linking to several from the last few weeks called, IS IT “NORMAL” FOR GOD’S LAW TO BE WRITTEN UPON OUR HEARTS? It’s quite good and helps to embiggen the conversation some more. He is quite right, we are all defining ”normal” slightly differently or somewhat ambiguously. I definitely view the word “normal” with some cynicism and little affection and I think Tom has helped me to understand why.

“Normal” was never supposed to be the gold standard of morality. The Western world, due to our years of relative peace and prosperity, kind of took a wrong turn and began to define the dominant culture as “moral” on account of the fact that it was dominant. ”Normal” means the majority and the majority had some Christian values, some, therefore ”normal” and “moral” began to mean the same thing.

Back in the day we used to say, ”the moral majority is neither,” and we were quite right about that. It wasn’t moral and it wasn’t a majority, and since that was the foundation that particular house was built on, it crumbled and lost it’s moral authority.

I snagged this little quote, this little meme, because I just thought it fit in so perfectly with the nature of what I was trying to say. As Christians we have been called to be extraordinary, set apart, not conformed to the world. Due to Western culture we tend to think that means “normal,” or just like everyone else, conformed to the world. That’s a huge mistake.

I very much like how Tom chose to close, saying in part, “We need to think ahead. We need to think of salvation and why it makes sense to trust our Creator. We need to contemplate the excellence of God and why He is worthy of our praise.”

We do. We need to become more heavenly minded. Like the Lord’s prayer says, ”on Earth as it is in heaven.” We’re supposed to be bringing the fragrance of heaven down, which really means to embrace something extraordinary, radical, and downright disturbing, in terms of disturbing the status quo.

I don’t long for “normal” at all, I actually long for the fragrance of heaven and for some more people with the courage and the will to fight for it.