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I got nothing and by “nothing” I mean I got quite a lot, I’m just not at liberty to discuss any of it, or perhaps I am just reluctant to add to the world’s perpetual noise and negativity.

I rather like this little meme I snagged on account of the fact that the perfume I am thinking of is not actual “perfume,” but rather the spiritual aroma that some people don’t even seem to know they are dragging around that smells something like a dead, rotting carcass.

Least any sensitive soul think I am speaking of them, no, I was thinking more of people like Vox Day who is currently trying to conjure up boomer rage among his minions and writing poetry about smothering elders in their sleep. Charming, isn’t it?

Vox likes to call himself a Christian but then again Joe Biden is allegedly the greatest Catholic who ever lived, so what would I know.

Its not the fact that Vox is vile and writes poetry about smothering old people that discourages me, but rather that the Christians who follow him seem to have all the discernment skills of congealed oatmeal.

I’m tired. My soul is weary. I’m frustrated, worn out by the world’s foolishness, but I know this too shall pass. Tomorrow I’ll be right as rain.