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I watched the Social Dilemma in part because it’s always good to know what the enemy is up to. Bit of a joke there, but in all seriousness, why would you trust Big Tech who created the problem and profits exponentially off of it, to now correctly diagnose and solve the problem?

It’s a good documentary, don’t let me discourage you from watching, it is just that like everything else, you need to engage the clutch and employ your critical thinking and powers of discernment. Coincidentally, that is my second objection to this film. I’m not nearly as concerned by the fact that you are the product, that Big Tech uses social engineering and artificial intelligence to manipulate human behavior, but rather that billions of people have consented to passively lay back and allow themselves to be led around by the nose.

Ironically this all brings me to father’s day. Happy Father’s Day, everyone! My own father had a lot of issues, God rest his soul, but he did teach me that nobody can make you into their useful idiot without your permission. My Heavenly Father has only affirmed that truth to me a million times over. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

We’re all dumb, easily deceived, seeking people favor and approval, and prone to foolishness. There are heaps of grace and all these things are forgivable, but at some point we’re complicit, at some point we’re just consenting to our own slavery. At some point we have to take personal responsibility and accept accountability for what we think and believe, and why. Don’t forget the “why,” because that part is really important.

The Bible actually says in 1 Peter 3:15 in part, “….be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear……” I really like that wording, the concept behind it, because you have to think critically and feel emotionally, and produce a personal answer. “I saw it in my facebook feed” is not a valid explanation. Neither is, “I believe it because I wanted to find favor with these popular people and that’s what they all believe.”

Critical (and emotional thinking ) is required, as well as some self awareness. By “emotional thinking” I am not talking about outrage, virtue signaling, or caring, but rather knowing in your heart that what you are believing and consuming is well with your soul.

I was not pleased about the ending of the video, with how they seemed to imply “they” need to do something about fake news and conspiracy theories. Ai yi yi. That’s even worse then the original problem in the first place. Also, in the past two years all my “conspiracy theories” and “fake news” have come true. The last thing we need is more censorship, legalism, and Big Tech as the self appointed moral arbitrators of “truth,” all for your own good, of course.

Some of the greatest evil the world has ever seen has always been introduced to us as being for the collective, common good. My own crazy, jaded father taught me those are trigger words, and don’t ever let someone else talk you into doing something, “for your own good.” If it was really for your own good, you wouldn’t need to be manipulated into it.

And my heavenly Father taught me that the needs of the one really matter. He leaves the 99 for the one. You are not a cog in a machine, you are not an NPC, you are not a member of the collective, you are an individual with His undivided attention, and you matter.

I have plenty to say about Big Tech and social media, but I also pretty stubbornly insist that is not the root of the problem. The root of the problem is actually our inability to have that personal one on one relationship with our Heavenly Father and from there, with one another. I don’t want to pick on parents, parents are always the world’s pinatas, but today we have changing tables and car seats with phone holders so the Russians can indoctrinate your baby and you won’t have talk to them at all. Then we send them off to public school to finish the job. And we do all this because we trust the experts, we trust the government, we trust just about anybody but ourselves.

A big part of that has to do with fatherlessness, with the father fracture in our society. Fathers are who give us the confidence and the assurance that we can trust in ourselves, and even when our earthly one is deeply flawed, we have a Heavenly Father eager for a relationship with us.