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Mel Wild has been doing some great educational posts around the idea of Deconstructing the Communist Manifesto and How Identity Politics came to America.

Also, The Cynical Theories of the Left and Repressive Tolerance: decoding the hypocrisy of the radical left.

Really good stuff, easy to read, has some good videos and links, too. I snagged a couple of phrases, “cynical theory” being a more accurate name for “critical theory,” and “cognitive liberty” actually just being the freedom to think for yourself, including things like engaging in free speech.

I actually live in the middle of lefty-ville, a place I call the 9th circuit of hell, but more importantly I grew up this way, with very atheist, very marxist parents. I’ve actually spent a lifetime escaping this mindset, plucking out the tiny thorns of indoctrination and attempting to heal. That is why I know these theories are so damaging, so harmful, not just to society at large, but personally to us as individuals.

So the fruit of these ideologies is nihilism, despair, powerlessness, eventually a deep and abiding cynicism. Like, you have now deconstructed any truth and beauty right out of your world. Negativity rules the day and anything positive is practically blasphemous. Eventually it tends to create numerous mental health problems.

I really enjoyed those two terms, because much of my life journey has really been all about moving from “cynical theory” to “cognitive liberty” or as CS Lewis once said, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

He came to set the captives free. These ideologies are the antithesis of freedom.