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So, I’ve been watching “Sweet Tooth” on Netflix because someone told me I wouldn’t hate it. A bit humorous, but they were right, I don’t hate it and I really should because Big Tech delivering a pandemic movie in the midst of a plandemic, one involving biologically engineered chimeras, is potentially suspicious.

Also, they are just adorable chimeras, and yes I want to adopt them all, deer baby, pigtail, whatever bucket of sweetness Big Science has now delivered us. Besides sparking my maternal instincts, the little animal babies are in danger and must be protected, so they have succeeded in triggering the entire rescue triangle and a good half acre of co-dependence, too.

I’m laughing here, but this is exactly how one should watch movies, as if we are the commodity being sold the bill of goods and paying special attention to what that feels like. It probably makes you a miserable movie companion, and miserable in general, but question everything anyway, the truth is out there.

Human/animal hybrids are controversial to say the least, extremely unethical, and of course the inevitable next frontier in our progressive march towards “respecting the science.” I do not approve on any level, but I have enjoyed the fictional (at least for now) story.

There is a great line in Sweet Tooth, ”there is no crying during the apocalypse.” Cracks me up, but this bit of bubblegum wisdom packs a real wallop and should be in every Christian’s arsenal. Our church likes to say “worship, don’t whine,” another delightful bit of wisdom that really does work. If you want to deflate the enemy, just start praising God in the midst of your troubles. Toss in some gratitude too, and you’ll become downright invincible.

Worship is warfare.