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I used to be quite angry at God for leaving me behind on a penal colony for the criminally insane. People are quite unintelligent, usually mean spirited, and also insane, so it does little good to try to communicate with any of them.

God and I have since become good friends and so I no longer feel abandoned and left behind by Him. People however, are still incredibly unintelligent, mean spirited, insane, and it does little good to attempt to communicate with any of them.

If you’re offended by my words, you’re probably part of the problem.

I do prefer the company of dogs, or even cats. Birds, hamsters, even bugs. None of these creatures pretend to be so much more intelligent then the really are, and they are either kind and friendly or else they are purpose driven. They seldom suffer any mental health problems, except perhaps for birds who can pluck out all their feathers after having spent too much time with humans.

Many people are into rescuing animals right now and I’m like, why would you inflict your neurosis on an innocent creature? “He’s a rescue.” Surely you mean a hostage? A prisoner of your twisted, solipsistic love? A trophy in which to display your perpetual virtue signaling?

The Bible says “there are none worthy, not one.” An astounding number of people seem to believe they are an exception to the rule, they are the one, and so they are rude, boorish, contemptuous, disrespectful, and self absorbed. Oh my gosh, so, so self absorbed. Also, unbearably unintelligent, mean spirited, and often insane.

God didn’t change my view of people at all, He changed my view of Him.