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I think it is just amazing that Washington state has decided to incentivize vaccine compliance by handing out free joints. This has the added benefit of helping to make our public health policies sound like music and our politics smell like pretty colors and life will just be good.

Marijuana is actually a vast improvement over the oxycontin, heroin, and suboxone we have been passing out like candy. Who knows, maybe this herb will become a gateway drug to kale. At least it’s a vegetable.

Speaking of vegetables, this is how we gain so many constituents who can look right at our tyrannical, fascist policies and just see peace, love, and patchouli coming down the track marks.

I watched a cheesy zombie movie the other day in part because I wanted to wallow in my fears of being totally unable to communicate with hoards of dead eyed creatures all marching in lockstep, and in part to help validate the idea that the only moral way to respond is to just hit them in the face with a shovel.

Does art imitate life or life imitate art?? Never mind.

Because I’m one of those cheesy bracelet kids, I have to ask What Would Jesus Do? Probably not hit them all in the face with shovel, although I do suspect he’d throw a few tables over and chase some people out of the temple.

Good grief, do we need to run some people out of the temple and clean house….

All will be well, I just need to vent my spleen about daily life the 9th circuit of hell.