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We’ve been having good chat over in this thread about Men Who Stare at Themselves, regarding feminism and faith, and some objections to my ”anti feminism” page at the top of this site.

We shall call my heckler Beloved Anonymous, with no snark intended at all. I kid you not, I actually tell people, ‘I self identify as His Beloved, so respect my pronouns.” So that right there is the first reason why I object to feminism. I wish to self identify as His Beloved and not as a cis-gendered, heteronormative, oppressor trapped in an externally dictated intersectionality matrix of critical race theory. The pronouns and lived experiences of His women born women, matter.

My second objection to feminism is shown in this part of the conversation, where Beloved Anon speaks of how, “It’s agony to be actively cognizant of all the oppression and woman-hating that is all around us. Pure agony.”

So feminism first seeks to erase my identity and then proceeds to tell me how to feel. That’s actually gaslighting, brainwashing, emotional abuse, and we haven’t even got out of the gate yet! I wouldn’t put up with two minutes of that on date with a man for example. Huge red flag. Run for the nearest exit. Crawl out the bathroom window if you have to.

So what happens if I am actually feeling blessed, highly favored, over joyed, or something besides “pure agony??” Well, in feminism that’s bad. That means you don’t care, you lack virtue, you’ve gone off script. No hard feelings at all, totally forgiven, but Beloved Anon promptly demonstrates what happens and follows that up with the predictable accusations of ”denial, minimization, willful ignorance, and siding with men, catering to men, demonizing women and internalized misogyny.”

Laughing here, but you left out a couple, ”uneducated,” a “man puppet,” and ”just in it for the sex and money.” I hope you’ll laugh with me, because I am rather proud of that last one! The point being if you (me) a woman, one of those we allegedly care about so, so much, are not in a proper state of ”pure agony” 24/7 regarding the alleged fate of women and girls, we will punish you with many words and insults.

So feminism has now erased my identity, told me what to think and feel, and punished me for slipping off script. But wait, it get better! Now I’m actually locked up in a cell with a mass murderer, no doubt my fault due to my inability to ever avail myself of the right to remain silent.

In the course of this conversation the idea came up that I was now a prisoner locked in a cell with a serial killer or mass murder of some kind, who is a man who thinks he is a woman. Due to recent policy changes, (thanks feminism!) men who perceive themselves as women can now be housed in a women’s prison.

Here is the difference between being a woman of God and being a feminist. Feminism now has me beat down, obsessed over micro and macro-aggressions, terrified of my potential victimhood, confused about what I think and feel, and freaked out about potential rapists everywhere.

And then feminism throws me in cell with a serial killer who thinks he’s a women? Here I am locked up, having no choice in the matter, and does feminism hand me any tools, any skills to cope? Nope, they hand me more fear! Be afraid, be very afraid. In fact, be in pure agony.

Well, fear is a liar. It’s also ten times more likely to make you a victim. Dangling fear in front of a bully is like swinging red meat in front of a crocodile. It also clouds our judgment. It weakens our offense and it paralyzes us.

The Holy Spirit speaks to each of us in our own language. I don’t know how He speaks to anyone else, but to me I’m almost certain He would whisper, have pity on this broken, evil man who is now locked in a cell with YOU! That YOU means ”me.” Now, I can’t fight my way out of a wet paper bag, but that guy still doesn’t stand a chance, because the power of Jesus who raised the dead lives inside of me. No, I’m not going to be afraid, because all he can really do is kill the body and that just sends me to Jesus faster. But also, I’m quite charming, there’s a pretty good chance he would decide to keep me around just for the good conversation.

We can talk about fava beans and a fine chianti.

Then if things went South and I needed an extra morale boost, the Holy Spirit would probably make me laugh and say something like, what are the odds of two murderers who both think they’re women being locked in the same cell? Maybe that’s hard to understand, but other times when I’ve been scared, when I was around someone so broken, they gave off some potentially intimidating evil, He’s been quick to remind me that there is nothing new under the sun, there is nothing so broken in them that I can’t relate to it on some level. Murder is not some kind of unforgiveable sin, it’s as old as Cain and Abel. Why am I seen as the prey and he as the predator? Where is it written that simply by virtue of being female, I’m the one with no power?

And why is power always perceived as evil?

Feminism really runs contrary to our faith in part because it is so disempowering for women and it promotes victimhood while offering no real world solutions for real people. It is an ideology of elitists that does not translate into practical living skills. What am I to do while locked in this cell with the male serial killer? Knit myself a pink hat and try lecturing him about micro-aggressions and manspreading? Try to cultivate a proper sense of ”pure agony?” Lament the horrors of the pay gap? Write an academic paper on the intersectional sustainability of black lesbian pornography?

Beloved Anon, we women are the dearly beloved of a most High God, filled with more power than we can even comprehend. Not only were we not designed to slink round in parking garages dodging all the potential rapists, that isn’t even an accurate portrayal of reality. The truth is, we live in fallen world where all manner of vile things have happened. That doesn’t mean that women have been targeted and singled out for special mistreatment and abuse. Promoting such ideas disempowers women, it teaches us to focus on our fear, and mandates that we obsess over every perceived injustice. That mindset doesn’t make us powerful or safe, it just traps us in bondage.

I haven’t even gotten to feminist ideology and political views yet. I cannot as a woman, and as a Christian, ethically endorse transgenderism, the LGBT lobby, abortion, pornography, BLM, the destruction of the traditional family, the theft of our recent election, and several other really divisive issues of our day.