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Tom wrote post called, Consequences?Me? Suffer the Consequences? in which he poses the question, “Why Would Anyone Try To Escape Reality?”

The answer to that is because reality bytes. No one in their right mind would want it.

I am laughing here, but Tom and I are on opposite ends of the country and opposite ends of the perspective spectrum, too. That’s not bad thing at all, we agree on the points that matter. I think hubby and I are on opposite ends too, and we’ve been married for a long time. Just goes to show you, God likes His diversity. I could annoy a few more egal people and declare, God likes His complementary perspectives.

I actually come from a place where I was the crazy one, still am sometimes, the alleged escapist who can’t face reality, the one with the Invisible Friend, the Skydaddy. Finally I just surrendered all, escaped right into Jesus, and rather than accepting the consequences of this world, I availed myself of His grace.

That’s the gospel! While there are no accidents with God, I kind of stumbled into the gospel on accident.

So the gospel isn’t really about facing reality, accepting the consequences of our actions, and working hard. Those are actually conservative values. They aren’t bad values either, but even good values can become idols. Many conservative values have become idols to conservatives. An extreme example is here where I live. We have some older people that are like yelling, “get a job” without any awareness that the people they are yelling at have three jobs and are still forced to live in their car.

We aren’t loving one another, we’re just shouting out slogans and spouting ideology. The thing is we think we all know what reality “is” and we like to try to own it like playing king of the hill or capture the flag. That tends to breed a lack of intellectual humility, a lack of curiosity, and a whole lot of fear. Pretty much describes our world today.

We’ll have to wait for Part Two to see where Tom is taking us. Before I go I just want to mention that I love how Jonah is the most nonconforming, non compliant, disobedient prophet, and yet he saves the most people, and their animals.