I really enjoy chasing after truth, subjective, objective, absolute, whatever. I like to gather up some diversity of views too, some various perspectives, but every now and then you have to just take a break and go chase down some beauty instead.

The sun has finally came out and it is just gorgeous where I live. There are so many issues, so much wrong here, but you can’t fault creation, nature. It is just breathtaking when the fog lifts and you can actually see things. Hubby and I try to take a walk together every day, which works better on some days than others.

He is in fairly good health at this point, and I’m going to pause and say a huge part of that is from listening to his wife and other well intentioned people, rather then practicing unconditional blind obedience to the medical establishment, but I digress.

Anyway, I take terrible pictures, but this first one is just some shoreline pine. I love the fresh baby green tips against the little red cones, followed by the deeper green that is almost blue. It reminds me of something that belongs in the tropics, and actually it’s a bit rare because usually pine gets so battered by exposure on the shoreline that it isn’t pretty anymore. This little patch was sheltered and hidden, so all it’s glorious finery and delicate cones are well preserved.

This is just the sunlight pouring through the trees looking over the water, an amusing photo because what you cannot see due to the camouflage is the huge grey owl with something like a six foot wingspan that totally freaked me out. It was big, big enough for me to be glad hubby was along. He can not run nearly as fast as I can, so I knew he would be left there to provide a good diversion and I could escape.

We went to the lake few weeks go too, and it was just amazing. There is snow on the mountains still and when the skies turn blue all the way down to the water it leaves you a bit in awe. I of course, did not get the killer shot of the snow capped peak rising out of the majestic blue water, but I was delighted by some lily pads.

We also have hammock at home now, for those especially stressful days, like when you are exposed to a few moments of CNN and need a major detox. It’s quite wonderful, all the flowers are growing and blooming and at night we have so many solar lights we have a light garden.