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“The conservatives have to sacrifice Trump and the stolen election narrative. The liberals have to sacrifice DIE and CRT. The road to peace requires its pound of flesh from both parties.” -Jordan Peterson

I like Jordan Peterson, but this little tweet just rubbed me all wrong. Ever pet a cat the wrong way and make sparks? Just like that.

First of all, peace is highly over rated. We don’t make peace with evil or peace with wrong doing. This kind of ”peace” always reminds me of draping a paper town over a broken egg in the kitchen and declaring it’s all cleaned up. You haven’t fixed anything, you’ve just hidden the mess away.

Second of all, the truth is not a “narrative” that one can just negotiate away. CRT really is an ideology, a narrative. It’s a way of perceiving the world. Somebody steals my car, that is NOT a “narrative.” We can speculate about what motivated them, who did it, or what should be done about it. Those are narratives, but unless you can produce my car, we got a clear case of objective reality going on here.

Those of us who supported Trump have now been subjected to a brutal lockdown, endless covid lies, the theft of our economy, and a stolen election. That’s not a “narrative,” that’s a lived experience, observable reality, objective truth.

Suggesting one needs to surrender objective reality is actually abuse, gaslighting. Which brings me to my third objection, the pound of flesh. Anything requiring a pound of flesh is not compromise or reconciliation. EVER! It’s always vengeance or abuse. I’m not talking about paying for a broken window or something, but rather, demanding a pound of flesh. That is revenge, not the path to peace.

Myself, I’m a bit fed up with both parties, which are sometimes hard to tell apart because they are so self serving and prone to be loyal towards whatever wind is favorable at the moment. So they can both give up a pound of flesh and a pox on their house, too. But don’t expect me to hold hands and sing kumbaya. I won’t be meeting in the middle and I won’t be surrendering the truth. This sure ain’t my, “new normal.

Lastly, those who think I am full of opinions and haven’t got the decency to keep them to myself, thank a veteran, and remember those who didn’t come home, those who gave their lives fighting to protect ideals and dreams that although yet unrealized, some of us still hold dear.

Free speech. Freedom of the press. Free elections.

Happy Memorial Day 2021 ya’ll.