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So, I’m busy trying to speak the precise opposite into the world, the reverse of everything I see going on around me. I honestly just want to scream and tear my hair out when I hear religious leaders carrying on about the alleged ”sin of empathy” and the horrors of too much forgiveness. This is totally anti-christ. This violates everything Jesus taught us. Good grief, it’s vile.

Then I turn away and walk right into the secular world of Scientism. Gah, this is so against everything science teaches, this is like the epitome of all anti-science. There is nothing even resembling science to be found anywhere here. Ack!

My brain is a little bit attached to things making sense. I do have powerful logic component tucked in there somewhere. Check on your friends with personalities like mine peeps, we are not okay. The world has gone mad, mad I tell ya.

So this is what we do to fight the insanity, we double down on the empathy, which takes great deal of courage. To empathize means to step into another’s shoes so as to feel what they feel, perceive what they perceive. That is exactly what Jesus did for all of us. Heaven stepped down and stepped in our shoes. Empathy is Divine, I tell ya.

It also takes an astounding amount of courage. Huge bravery. Not for the faint of heart. Another way of describing grace is to, absorb the cost. Jesus courageously stepped into our shoes to, absorb the cost. Whereas He laid down His very life, most of us are only required to feel some uncomfortable feelings, to take an emotional risk. In small doses, mind you! Don’t absorb the cost for the whole world, you’ll go completely mad, and Jesus already paid that debt on our behalf.

I’m just saying, empathy is Divine, it is the very essence of the gospel. We’re even called to love our enemies, to bless those who curse you. Absorb the emotional cost, extend grace to them. From far away, if necessary.

Did you know courage is humble? It really is. Men can get this wrong sometimes bless their hearts, because they tend to be more outwardly bold. Courage is actually humble and often very quiet and unseen.

We double down on forgiveness, too. If you’re feeling a bit depleted, that cup is totally refillable. Go get some more! Grace is a renewable resource, very sustainable even. Abundant, like a well that never runs dry. There is always more than enough. The cup is not half empty, it is refillable.

I honestly do want to scream, which I may well do because it’s good for the lungs and there is so much noise in the world right now nobody would hear me anyway. But I’m telling you, the world desperately needs more empathy, courage, and good science, so that’s what I’m trying to sow in prayer, in relationships, in writing.