I thought this was just wonderful, Mel Wild’s, ”Harvest of the Heart.” Go read it, it’s good! I think we could give it another name, “how to be an evangelist the right way.” How to be an evangelist the Jesus way.

I had a chuckle because he wrote about not being ”divisive, arrogant, and unteachable,” and last week I was just going to have baseball caps printed up with that very thing written on them so I could pass them out! The struggle is real I tell you, as in I spend a great deal of time working hard on not slipping into that mindset myself. It’s tough work trying to keep your heart soft and open to listening. Many people don’t even try.

Here’s what I believe, being divisive, arrogant, and unteachable, doesn’t make you right, it makes you weak and insecure. True story, I tend to get shrill, cranky, and unteachable in areas where I am less settled and secure in what I believe.

Big problem in the world right now too, is people tend to speak in catchy slogans. It’s like short hand. Someone is dismissed as a ”socialist” for example, but we don’t take the time to listen or to define what that term even means to them. There’s no understanding, no heart connection being made, and certainly no honor being exchanged, no respect being given.

Politics is one thing, but in faith we need to be extremely gentle with one another. Extremely gentle, like we’re handling baby chicks. If you squeeze a baby chick too hard, you’ll find it dead in its water dish the next day. Heart matters require letting the Lord do His delicate and gentle surgery, not applying our own sledge hammer. Here where I live there has been a lot of religious abuse, and a lot of anti Christian sentiment and programming, for decades. The guy always standing on the corner with his, ‘‘Jesus hates you” sign is so not helping the situation.

Neither are the jerks for Jesus lurking all over the internet.

I’m kind of bold sometimes, a bit feisty, and I even enjoy listening to some hot headed pastors, but that is because I’m firmly rooted in the Word, and I got a skill set in that area that makes me unintimidated. But when talking to people in general, friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, many who have been deeply wounded by the world, be gentle, be kind, and honor them as Jesus has honored you.