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I speak of course, of Kathryne Leach’s new book, ”The Tattooed King: unraveling the mystery of Jesus,” of which I happen to have a copy of in my hot little hands at this very moment! I like to follow Kathryne because she cares about some of the same things I do, the kingdom, soul care, and reaching a whole new generation with the good news. She and her husband actually both published books at the same time last month which I thought was great fun.

It’s challenging to offer a little book review without a spoiler alert, but since we have already disclosed the title, I’ll just use her words here, ”The title came to me one day as I considered how to reach a generation fascinated by body art.”

Some interesting synchronicity, while Kathryne was writing her book, I was researching and arguing with some religionists about pink hair, tattoos, and yoga pants. I was actually just doing research, just trying to sort out the difference between faith and culture. Like, is this really something Jesus deems important or is this simply our own Western cultural preferences dominating the narrative? In the process of a heated debate over tattoos, someone went and posted a photo of some Christians in the ME all with a small Arabic ”N” tattooed on the inside of their wrist. The “N” stands for Nazarene, for the Nasrani, and in places where Christianity is under major persecution, often you cannot get into a home church or an underground meeting without that mark on your wrist to prove Who you belong to.

Very sobering reminder of our first world problems, of the silliness of some of our disagreements here in the West.

There are lots of misconceptions about our faith due to cultural legalisms and misunderstandings that stem from generational divides and the usual relationship dysfunctions that tend to afflict us as people…..as grown up people trying to share the good news with generations that sometimes speak a different language. I think Kathryne did a really nice job of unraveling the mystery of Jesus, of introducing us to concepts like kingdom principles, prophetic declarations, and how millennials and Gen z can transform society.

Something I really liked about the book was her reflection questions! That really surprised me, because I generally don’t like reflection questions, but I have several of them highlighted.

Jesus is our Tattooed King in the sense that He invites us into His love story and He writes His word on the tablet of our heart. There is no generational divide, no cultural upheaval, no mountain too high to stop him from reaching His hand out to those He loves and adorning us with His ink, with His spiritual artwork.

So, go visit Kathryne Leach and get yourself a copy of her book, ‘The Tattooed King.”