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I have not been laughing nearly as much as I should lately on account of the fact that some of the stuff going on in my state right now is downright scary. So done playing pandemic tyranny and ready to just take my dollies and go home. However, I can certainly laugh at my own fears! In fact, one really should. Laughter takes the power away and frankly we people are just downright ridiculous. To not laugh at us is completely irrational.

Apparently the Alabama Dept of Health issued a Darth Vader ”wear your mask” meme, which kind of cracked me up on account of the fact that Darth Vader is the bad guy! One does not want to emulate Darth Vader, he wipes out entire civilizations and slaughters the innocent. Also the movie ends with the second most famous line in Star Wars history, Darth, breathless, gasping, Luke….help me take this mask off!

Bahaha! The Left just can’t meme to save their life, but the memory of Darth Vader in his death throes choking from the weight of his heavy mask did cheer me up immensely.

Not quite so amusing in my state, Governor Poopy Pants decided to decree that churches can open at 50% capacity provided we have segregated our seating into vaccinated and non vaccinated people. This among other things really knocked my sense of humor unconscious. Segregation, papers please, inhospitality, the church serving the state, man oh man, so many red flags. I suppose I could milk some joy out of this situation by visiting churches and just ringing a bell as I walk in while screaming unclean, unclean….

So I went and spent part of an afternoon stomping around and muttering to myself about vaccine passports, not being able to go anywhere ever, and having to live as an outcast in a failed nation state, until the Holy Spirit finally whispered, So basically nothing in your life really changes? I laughed! Now that’s the truth. I have no idea why nihilism and complete despair tickles my funny bone, but it does. I actually read Ecclesiastes sometimes just to cheer myself up.

It’s all vanity, vanity I tell ya.

Precisely, nothing in my life really changes. I do not serve at the pleasure of Governor Poopy Pants and I am pretty much already living as an outcast in a failed nation state. This is one of those times you can just roll your eyes at the world’s silliness, laugh, and get back to business.