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I speak of course of Aimee Byrd who has written a post called, ONE YEAR AFTER PUBLISHING RECOVERING FROM BIBLICAL MANHOOD AND WOMANHOOD.

I’ve seen it, been there, done that. I’m also quite familiar with “coarse critique” from groups like Genevan Commons. Let’s just call that what it really is, targeted threats towards women in what are often porn laden rants disguised as ‘speaking the truth in love” or ”’contending for the faith.” What you see spoken publicly is really only the tip of the ice berg compared to what goes on in private messages and behind the scenes.

It is downright vile. Anybody who tries to dismiss this as ‘coarse critique’ or ‘social media conflicts,’ poppycock. These are not ‘misunderstandings.’ Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. That is actually ‘Biblical” truth.

It is really nothing more than the hysterical posturing of frightened male peacockery, all those little feathers puffing up so their perceived threats, their rivals, real or imagined, will think they are so much bigger and badder than they really are.

Perceived threat, that would be you. Often women have a victim mindset so deeply ingrained in us, that we don’t even perceive ourselves as a threat, as dangerous, as the predator in this equation. They are busy posturing in a quite terrified manner and we sit there quietly, submissively even, all confused, befuddled, thinking, but I am really quite likeable and not skeery at all! Guys, I just want to be friends! I must be perceiving this entire situation wrong because nobody in their right mind could possibly be afraid of me…..

They are not in their right mind.

I too once wanted to save the world, to change the whole system, to win them over, to earn their respect and admiration, to earn a seat at the table. At some point on the journey I had to ask myself, ”why?” Why do you seek approval, acceptance, validation, from a bunch of dim witted, strutting peacocks? First, it will never happen, but should you succeed in this mission, you will have become a member of the dim witted, strutting peacocks all busy being ruled by fear, power, and control, and not by the Holy Spirit. Is that really what you want??

It is not that you ask too much Aimee, but that you ask too little. You are seeking friendship with the world, starving and striving to be allowed to feast beside a bunch of pharisee in the pig trough.

I have many issues with modern day feminism and this is a huge one right here. We are not thermometers running about taking the world’s temperature to see how sick it is and how oppressed we are, we are the daughters of a Most High God and we control the entire thermostat. We set the tone. It is not that you think too highly of yourself, it is that you do not think highly enough of yourself! We are the Lord’s investment, His most prized possession, the apple of His eye. The world does not need to change for us to be satisfied, these men do not need to change, we simply need to step into our birthright, into our full inheritance………and walk out of the pig pen.

Aimee wants justice most likely, respect, the righting of wrongs and restoration. As gently as I can, that was accomplished 2000 years ago on the cross. It is finished. Drop the rope in this power struggle and walk away, because the affections of these who wallow in their dysfunction are so not worthy of you.