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I speak of course of Pastor Wilson’s latest screed about Marxism, income inequality, and envy called, ”That Little Lizard Self Inside.”

Why do I stomp my little foot over and over again and insist that the nature of the problem is not simply envy? Why do I protest so loudly against the notion of attempting to reduce the entire discussion to envy?

Because it is much like sitting in a fine dining room in front of picture window feasting on a medium rare form of meat based protein while some starving, emaciated children press their faces to the glass drooling, and you just choose to lift a fine chianti up with your pinky finger to declare the root of the problem here is obviously just the sin of envy.

I mean obviously. Look at those little scavager waifs and their filthy rags…

Let me pause for a moment and just say, God bless the beautiful people of the churchian world too, those who are just delighted to hand me a bowl of soup or a bag of groceries, anything but a seat at their table.

Are there any Jesus followers left in the world who would like to talk about the sin of perpetual virtue signaling, greed, and inhospitality? Inhospitality, that’s where you are invited to come to the back door of the church to pick up our expired sugar free vanilla pudding packs or down to the basement to collect our cast off clothing so we can all feel good about our charitable giving and thank the Lord that ”those kind of people,” people like you, don’t go to our church. Shudder!

It is quite possible I just have a hard little Marxist heart, dominated by bitterness, envy, and ressentiment, ruled by my tiny lizard brain, or it is quite possible that I do not want what you have at all, I want what Jesus has. I want His heart. I also want the Western church to begin to reflect His heart wayyyyyy better than we do.

And before this is all over, by the time all is said and done, we SHALL be.

This is not an argument about money and income equality at all, this is an argument about moral worth and value. For far too long the Western world has equated wealth with moral virtue and inherent value. Those with money are smarter, more moral, and work harder. In fact they have so much cultural humanitarian value we can just hand them honorary degrees, like making Bill Gates into a scientist or handing Mark Zuckerman a doctorate in social engineering.

And those of us without trust funds, without societal favor, without a US congresscritter in our back pockets, are perceived as lazy, immoral, and obviously sinful and consumed by envy. Although total depravity is a real thing, it is a real thing reserved for the unwashed masses. The unclean. The obviously unregenerate. I mean obviously, look at her shoes.

The peasants are revolting! They are revolting, indeed.

Everything you see around you is about worth and value, not the paper kind at all. Why am I supposed to openly embrace the transgendered and mandate that they be allowed to play croquet on the lawn with me? Because they feel as if they have no worth and value, no seat at the table, and perhaps for good reason, too. So how do you cure issues around a lack of worth and value? Pour money on it, give it an equal income. If whatever dysfunction you happen to possess is now deemed wealthy, even conservative Republicans will invite Bruce Jenner to come and speak on women’s issues while running for governor of California.

Wealth will buy you a whole lot of morality and more grace then a wheelbarrow full of butter indulgences.

They are wrong of course, it isn’t really true, but it is on a worldly level, it greases the skids for social status, it makes you the right kind of people, the ones who are invited to use the front door of the church and to speak at conferences and political conventions.

God in His mercy, in His justice, has simply surrendered us to our passions, our passions being this insistence that wealth and money are somehow related to ethics and integrity, worth and moral value. It is so apparent to me from observing the world around us as to be darkly humorous, but that is what is happening. Jesus was right to say it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven. Blessed be the meek and the poor in spirit.

Nietzsche is not just known for his ressentiment, but also his will to power. Perhaps it is presumptuous of me, but any half awake pastor in America right now should be keenly aware that what people need now more than ever is to know how loved the are, how worthy, how valuable, and what a tremendous investment the Lord has made in them, how we have been granted a seat at His table.

Even your crumbs Lord, are better than all the world has to offer.….

Perhaps if we had done a better job of all that, Bill Gates who made his living creating computer viruses so he could sell us the anti-viral cure, would not now be our lead shepherd, our lead scientist, our symbol of all that is good and golden. A true humanitarian, I tell ya.