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David Perell wrote this really cool article called, ”’Why You’re Christian”’ and it is a work of truth and beauty, I tell ya. Just really good stuff, conclusions I have also reached on my grand adventures, but said with far more elegance and clarity than I could ever manage.

I however, am keenly aware that I did not rationalize or reason my way to Jesus at all. I did not read the Bible and reach a logical conclusion in my progression of beliefs. Nobody shared the gospel with me. I was not indoctrinated by my parents, in fact they were atheists. I actually had a close encounter of the God-kind and met the Lord when I was 3 years old near a compost pile in the backyard. It defies explanation to this day, but I know it was the last time I felt truly awake and alive and it left me with a hunger, a longing for more of Him that has never left me. A longing and sometimes a kind of melanchoIy as if I am in exile, as if this world were not my home. I remember the sudden warmth, the Light, the feeling of belonging, the way the smell of rotting garbage was replaced by something else, baking bread perhaps, but unlike any bread I’d ever smelled.

You may laugh if you like, because I sometimes do when I try to relate the tale of the girl in the pink checked dress picking at a scab on her leg who smelled God. I laugh in part because it is clear as a bell to me that if anyone could just smell God there would be no more atheists, but trying to explain such a thing is darn near impossible.

I have no idea why it happened or why the Lord has remined so faithful to me. I am certain that if I had been left to my own devices I would have talked my way out of Christianity by now. Or subbed out the blame and just allowed someone else to. It really is a crazy faith, it is illogical or at least ”illogical” by human definitions. Putting ‘logical” and ”human” in the same sentence is probably a complete oxymoron, but we do like to pretend we have some standards.

Paul says, ‘But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect.” Exactly.

I also spent a great deal of time out in nature, out in the wilderness observing what Thomas Jefferson called “laws of nature and nature’s God.” The Creator and His creation, and His creature. Hence my fascination with biology or perhaps the philosophy of biology. All I know for certain is that particular wisdom is now deeply ingrained in me and doggone it all people, but we are biological creatures and if you don’t see something reflected in nature, in creation, it’s just not going to work out well for us either. We have so much freedom, but we do not have the freedom to escape our own biology, to evade our Creator. We may try, but we will fail and often fail spectacularly.

So, attempting to redesign the system, which is pretty much what has driven and motivated humans since forever, is all well and good as long as we honor our design, honor God’s intellectual property rights, so to speak. I really believe that is what our founding Father’s (and their Western predecessors) tried to do, as flawed and imperfect as they all were. And when we fail to honor this design of ours, we flounder at best and at worse, we reap mass destruction and genocide.

I really liked what David implied about humanism being self evident ”only because of the heavy, but unseen, hand of Christianity.”

‘Tis true, I assure you.  All men are created equal, but only if we agree, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights. We are either made in the image of God or we are not.