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A few years back this pastor spoke of going to an event surrounded by cops, and darkly humorous, but it did not even occur to me that they may have been there to keep the peace, to protect him. Didn’t even register, did not compute. I could not even comprehend it. In fact, I had to take six steps backwards and turn around three times just to “hear” what was actually being said. I had to translate from privilege speak into my own language. See, my lived experiences suggest cops are not your friends, ever, not there to protect and serve you, and so the presence of many cops always means you have run afoul of the authorities.

See, where I come from, which just so happens to be liberal-ville, cops are simply the strong arms of the system. The minions of the bullies we elect into office. They enforce the injustices being decreed by those in charge of doling out in group favor. In my world the possibility of being arrested for going church or walking into a store without a mask, isn’t an aberration, it’s a way of life, as if to say, but of course. I fully expect to be attacked for doing the right thing, that’s just how it works.

I don’t “hate” cops, cops are morally neutral, simply an extension of the power that directs them.

Whether that is an accurate depiction of “real reality” is somewhat irrelevant on account of the fact that whether or not you believe me, those who have traditionally enjoyed a great deal of privilege and emotional security, are soon going to find themselves walking in my world anyway, at least in this neck of the woods.

Take for example the recent case of a pastor of a large church not too far away who had to cancel his invited speaker because of threats, because of what amounts to domestic terrorism, AND a police force and a Governor who will not protect him, will not enforce our right to gather freely, to engage in free speech. No condemnation there either, this poor pastor was speaking of his congregation as potential ”soft targets,” as collateral damage he refused to put in harm’s way, and the cops were looking pained, helpless, pushed as if to say the safest thing for you guys to do right now is just comply with the bullies because we don’t have the political will and the backing to protect you adequately.

Privilege is real. For example, I know if I were to smoke a bunch of pot, take a bunch of mushrooms, and go careening down the highway in an obvious and apparent impaired manner, the Psilocybin Society, the CBD Grower’s Association, and half my City Council would quickly organize to get some laws changed and the charges dropped. It’s not about right and wrong, not about guilt or innocence, it’s all about who you know, and how much virtue signaling can be milked out of your particular dysfunction.

Heck, I could probably launch a one woman riot, break some windows, paint some giant words in the street in front of city hall, and IF my cause was politically correct, somebody would send me free beer and pizza, and see to it no charges were brought. When conservatives say things like, “they won’t arrest you if you aren’t doing anything wrong” or “only criminals don’t like the police,” I think they are being rather silly and out of touch. I am laughing here, but my trust-o-meter actually flips in the other direction, if you haven’t rocked the boat or challenged the system in some way, you’re probably either complicit or lazy.

It’s the, “don’t be rather silly and out of touch” part that concerns me. It’s the, “why are you preaching the lie about how the legal system is no respecter of persons,” part that makes me roll my eyes. Often what conservatives claim to be conserving is really just the illusion, the deception they have been able to maintain on account of their own privilege.

Well, like it or not, the world is proceeding to teach us all this truth I have spoken of and I would really like us to harvest those pearls of wisdom, to glean some awareness and empathy, so we can do a much better job of reaching out and connecting to our co-belligerents, connecting to our allies on the path to preserving freedom.