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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I am just going to say it, often there is more than one right choice.

Sometimes religion, churchians, people in all their assorted dysfunctions, can be very linear thinkers, very “either or,” morally cut and dry, black and white, as if everything in life were just an obvious choice between good and evil and our job is to always seek out and make the “right” choice.

And of course if you make the “wrong” choice, oh my goodness, obviously you’ll lay out the next four generations and thwart God’s plans for the entire universe, too! Rubbish, none of us are that powerful.

Also, that is so not the Lord I know AT ALL! He tends to just lay out an entire buffet of good options before us. If fact, you really cannot go wrong because “being about the Father’s business,” or “existing for the glory of God,” is more like taking a beautiful hike through a forest, chose left you get to see the waterfall, chose right you get to follow the river. It is win-win, no matter which path you chose, it’s going to be good.

I actually have no decisions of my own that I know of sitting before me at the moment, nothing I am pondering or wrestling with, but I definitely have this powerful feeling of pressure, as if somebody could make the wrong decision and offend God and lots and lots of other lies, all lies, all perception deceptions. Pressures NOT of God.

Nope! Be set free, be released of all that baggage. Rest in the finished work of the cross. Abide in Him. Trust that His grace is sufficient. His grace will cover you no matter what direction you wander off into. Even the sticker bushes.

Now obviously objective reality still exists and so if you are wrestling with the decision of whether or not to run off with the Nigerian prince who has been spamming us all and emailing you……consult with some trusted advisors first, make sure you’re praying about it, pause, maybe think things through. I absolutely believe His grace is sufficient, no matter what! Your own comfort level however, may be somewhat conditional on the consequences of your own actions…..

Whatever is bothering me is not about something like that at all, it is more like which part of the country should one move to or what job should one accept? These are not great moral decisions, these are more like 31 flavors of ice cream, or a plethora of blessings so abundant and plentiful, the only real dilemma is choosing which one to delight in first.

The Lord is good, trustworthy, rich in His abundance, and you just can’t go wrong in His care.