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In church on Sunday our pastor happened to mention that listening is a form of love. So, know who loves me the most?? God does because He always listens. I’m quite the chatterbox, too.

How do I know that? Well, His perfect synchronicity, the many and varied ways He lets me know He is not only listening, but He really hears me. Also, I have had to learn how to listen for Him, how to see those cues He sends me so I know He is there.

I like that, I haven’t really thought of listening as a form of love, but yes it certainly is! It also has a lot of diverse meaning. Some of the best conversations I have had with God I don’t think I was right, heck half the time I wasn’t even making sense. Absolutely, you can listen to somebody who is wrong six ways past Sunday and help them to feel heard, even help them to be able to see how to solve their own problems. One can even listen to their enemies. Listening is not an endorsement, agreement, or compliance.

Something I love about Jesus, He asked people a lot of questions. He’s not seeking information or knowledge, He is inviting people to be listened to and be heard. The Samaritan woman at the well, she is listened to, seen, heard, and known, and her excitement is what sends her out to tell the others.

The other kind of ‘listening’ sometimes involves obedience. Do I ‘listen’ to God? Absolutely, love compels me there, too. Can’t say I always understand, hear clearly, or get it right, but the desire to listen to what God has to say is definitely there.

I really like how I spent a week focusing on the nature of listening, wrote a blog post yesterday in which I said, “listen more,” and then I walk into church and we are talking about listening, complete with a painted rock that says “listen.” That’s God’s perfect synchronicity at play.

Listening is really important, listening to God, listening to one another, and being listened to yourself. The world we are living in right now has really gone a little cray-cray and part of that is because we have all these alleged divisions and very little listening to one another going on.

I’m pretty good at listening to God and listening to other people, but I haven’t always been so good at listening to myself. That’s another really important part of the puzzle. We are God’s investment, He poured His life out for us, and so listening to ourselves and identifying what we need is a way to honor that investment.