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I’ve been reading some blogs lately and I just thought this was a really good round up of the times we are facing, the culture, the challenges and, ‘how then shall we live?’

First Amatopia’s, Don’t go Broke, Don’t End up in Jail, and Don’t Die. Definitely worth a read. Also, check out his books while you’re over there.

Night Wind did a great post called, “The Seasons of our Discontents.” Three cheers for this paragraph, “The real oppressors in our society right now are largely within ourselves. When we acknowledge that God—not the State, nor Science, nor Society—is the Only Source of real justice and truth can we throw off the shackles of our illusions.” Amen!

Mel Wild also has an informative post called,A Recipe for Cultural Suicide. It’s actually somewhat encouraging and I learned a new phrase, “cognitive liberty.”

So let me conclude with this video that just kind of took my breath away. Wowsers! A brief talk delivered by Peter Leithart at the Theopolis Epiphany Feast, held in Birmingham, Alabama, on January 29, 2021.

I think I may be a big fan of cognitive liberty, of freedom, and of life and life abundant! You may notice a lot of diversity going on, this is a rather eclectic round up of faith filled people. I think we’ve got some diverse voices, Catholic, Orthodox, Reformed, and even an atheist Professor at Portland State University, and yet we’re all on a similar page with a certain amount of continuity, some naturally flowing convergence.