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Let me share my sudden burst of optimism, inspired in part by John MacArthur’s recent sermon on how America is in a state of judgment and it’s probably too late to save her, so you better just hope you’re one of the elect.

A bit funny, but I’ve been hearing that message my entire life beginning a generous half century ago, outside of the church. I was born right into that message within atheist doomsday prepping. That’s probably what gives me my cheery disposition when I hear the churchian message that (usually) sexual sin has brought God’s wrath down upon us and we’re all going to hell in handbasket of condemnation now.

If God actually worked that way, you would think He would have gotten mad about greed, corruption, envy, gossip, adultery, child abuse, nuclear bombs, sex trafficking, slavery, war………nope, His wrath is not unleashed until the sins “we” dislike the most, find sudden favor with the “other man.” Usually, political favor.

It all makes me smile because I just know I was made for such as time as this! This sounds just like the nihilistic, self loathing, performance based, condemnation of my youth. Not only have I been there and done that, I cut my baby teeth on this kind of spiritual warfare. I know this message of doom, despair, nihilism like I know the back of my hand.

Wait…….why does the church sound just like an obscure atheist hippy prepping cult from the 1970’s? Why does the church sound just like the world?


Because we’re all a bunch of melodramatic drama queens and we really love to whine and fuss. Like wahhh, Dr Seuss is being canceled. We love to doom scroll and future trip our way right into victimization and self pity. Fear porn, I’m telling you. OMG, vaccine passports are coming and I won’t be able to buy and sell. Surely this is the mark of the beast!

Yeah, and you’re such a soggy plate of suck up pasta you’ll be the first in line to get your papers, so spare me the lamentations…….

It also makes me smile because I am the least likely encourager ever. I really am pessimistic, melodramatic, cynical, and convinced we’re all going to die. Like, that’s my nature and my personality, but the Lord I know is funny that way, He’ll take “Wednesday Adams” and send her out to speak life over people. He made Peter a fisher of men, didn’t He? He did.

I am pleased by what is going on in America right now. I think we are wayyyyy overdue. Yep, it’s scary, but we’ve really needed to see change and change doesn’t happen when everyone is comfortable, complacent, and in denial. I’m also pleased about what I see going on in the church right now! Woohoo! Whole lot of shaking going on. Shaking is how we get the dust out of old rugs! Some Christians, nothing but dusty old rugs, I’m telling you.

The church needs a good shaking out and somebody to throw open the windows and let some air in.

You don’t have to listen to me, you can listen to the Bible, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” The Apostle Paul says, “Rejoice! And again I say rejoice.” Absolutely never does God tell us, “abandon hope all ye who enter here” That is actually on a flag up the road from me which is partially why my evandalism consists of writing, “He is risen!” across my fence in giant chalk letters. We serve a risen Lord! He is seated in victory at the right hand of the Father, and we are seated in heavenly places with Him! Woo hoo! Rejoice, that is good news indeed.

We are not waiting for God to find out we are epic fails at everything and to suddenly unleash His wrath on us. It is finished.

I’m not picking on MacArthur specifically, at least He had the intestinal fortitude to keep his church open, no small feat, I’m sure. He is simply an example of what I am talking about, zillions of people speaking doom and condemnation over America as if she weren’t founded by Christians and heavily dominated by us to this very day? I call bovine poopy on all this nonsense about how we can just wash our hands of America and call ourselves the elect instead. None of this avoidance of, “Christian nationalism,” either. He will judge the nations, too, and America is our nation. Own it!! Bit like a mom, the Lord I know is going to want to know exactly who made this mess and “wasn’t me,” is not going to be an acceptable answer.

We are a nation of gossip, fear, envy, greed, corruption, abortion, addiction, homosexuality, stolen elections, mindless masked sheeple, indifference towards our neighbors, and transgender story time at the public library. It is what it is. Buck up buttercup, and remember,  “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick. “I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.