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Perhaps I was too subtle, too indirect and soft worded in ”miso gyny” the other day, so I shall attempt to cut to the chase and keep it simple. Do not equate cowardly behavior with being female. Why? It’s degrading to women, it’s a failure to observe the nature of the world around you, and ironically it tends to produce even weaker men.

Why? I don’t know “why,” but there is some well documented research that demonstrates exactly that and I have born witness to it in a thousands different ways.

Right on schedule, with almost comedic synchronicity, Pastor Wilson just released a video that provides a perfect example of what I am speaking of called, “Advice for Christians in the coming Decade.” He says somewhere around the 4:24 mark, ”We’re debating with people who think you’re a girl.”

If you wish to spend the coming decades swirling the drain into ever deeper leftist tyranny, feel free to follow the good pastor’s advice. In your quest to defy political correctness and self congratulate yourself for your cultural rebellion, please denigrate women even more and whine extensively about the plight of white males.

We attack what we fear. Intentional or not, misogyny is a fear of women. Fear makes you weak. And whining of course, is what children do. Definitely weak. Gah, I can hardly stand whining! I have to give my now grown kiddos, kudos. They sure aren’t whiners.

I’m going to pull rank here on account of the fact that I have been living in the looney bin for a number of decades now. Insanitybytes, remember? I already know the clowns are running the asylum. I know how the game is played. Better yet, I know ”’why”’ they are now the ones running the asylum.

Somebody said something really smart in Bible study the other day, “you can’t get parenting advice from your parents because your own kids are being raised, for such a time as this.” Each generation has specific needs and specific challenges and they are different. This is just as true in politics as it is in parenting. Like, some loveable curmudgeons screaming “get a haircut and get a job” was probably quite appropriate 40-60 years ago. Today with shuttered businesses, muzzled people, and a failed nation state, such statements simply communicate the idea that, “we are totally out of touch, have no idea what issues you’re facing, and we’re unworthy to lead you.”

Welcome to the Republican party, out of touch and unworthy to lead you. Conversely we have rioting in the streets and far left leadership making sentimental google eyes at the mythical “summer of love” of their youth. What’s the message being conveyed? We’re out of touch, unworthy to lead you, and also probably having an acid flashback.

And when a pastor says something like, the culture is pushing men around because they think you’re a girly girl and apparently pushing girls around is quite acceptable so just stop acting like a girl, I assume he is out of touch and unworthy to lead us. I mean, if you know so little about the nature of men and women, so little about human psychology, so little about the root of the problem, why in the world would I trust you to know anything at all about the nature of God?

Insanity is very sustainable. Excruciatingly sustainable. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you want to see change in the world, YOU have to change. Metanoia throws a cog in the whole diabolical plot. YOU have to change.

Or not. My money is on “not,” but a bit like the prophets of old my job is simply to point out that if you don’t change course, you’re just going to get the precise same cultural results we’ve gotten for nigh 70 years now, which is an ever faster progressive spiral away from all that we hold near and dear.

I’m not the least bit interested in the gender wars. I actually could care less about alleged equality between the sexes. I am seated so high in heavenly places these days that I just self identify as His beloved. I am just saying if the church wants to be strong and whole and powerful, if we want to influence the culture again, if we want to grow closer to the Lord ourselves, we must be willing to look at those behaviors that have led us to this miserable place we currently find ourselves in.

Some traditions are valuable, they are hills worth dying on, but some are so outdated they need to just go the way of bell bottoms, lava lamps, and paisely. Screaming “get a job” and “don’t be a sissy girl” are ideas so old and over-used, the are like wearing a desiccated piece of road kill about your neck and calling it a “fashion statement.” Let the dead things go.

Also, when you promote fear of the feminine, you will never be able to teach men to let the Lord love them like He loves the Shulamite bride, and that is the only thing that has ever empowered any of us to stand up and walk down the aisle as the Bride of Christ, and “to present her to Himself as a glorious church, without stain or wrinkle or any such blemish, but holy and blameless.”