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I am probably the only person in the world who hears the word ”misogyny” and pictures a steaming bowl of miso soup with a bit of geoduck floating in it? Most likely. ”Miso” for those who don’t know, is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans. Hence we finally arrive at the terror of the soy boys. 

I am a firm believer in the idea that you cannot change the world or anybody else in it. So rather than addressing misogyny as a external problem that must be solved, usually by pounding a round peg in a square hole or just tossing the peg away and pounding someone over the head directly, we should instead learn how to heal whatever is going on within ourselves that makes us vulnerable. So usually things like fear, rejection, insecurity, envy, or some other bitter root that has wormed its way into our soul. A lie, a deception.

This is some truthy truth that tends to offend people, but it’s a very empowering concept. Nobody can pour salt in a wound if you haven’t got a wound.

Psalm 143:7 says, ‘‘He healeth the broken in heart, And bindeth up their wounds.” That’s not just about God’s comfort and kindness, but also about how He builds up our own power, strength, and sound mind. Let Him care for your wounds.

Now that I’ve said all that, when people, some men, use the word ”girl” as a synonym for “coward” as some have traditionally done, it is not that I am offended or concerned that women might start to believe themselves to not be courageous, it is that I simply stop listening and lose all respect for you. Like in an instant my mind goes, this one has poor observation skills, total bat guano between the ears, and revoked authority. Weak arguments from here on out. Next!

At the very least we should get the poor dear a blanket, a hot drink, and tell the nurse he’s ready for his meds.

I realize using words like “girl, women, effeminate,” or the misappropriated “malakoi” to try and shame men into behaving less like a soggy plate of pasta and more like a man has been going on for centuries, especially in a military context. Just the same, it is wrong. It’s wrong for several reasons, one being Jesus went to the cross ”despising the shame” on our behalf. We have no business picking up shame that Jesus Himself carried for us and weaponizing it against one another. Also, it flat out doesn’t work. In the history of forever, absolutely no one has ever been shamed into becoming courageous because the fear of being thought feminine was stronger. “Perfect love casts out fear.”

If your fear of being tainted by anything labeled feminine is greater than your fear of God, you’re still ruled by fear, the wrong kind. Fear, hatred, and contempt for women is not love for the masculine, anymore than fear of hell somehow equals love for God. Those are cheap imitations, phony knocks off and not the real deal. They are a polished turd.

Also, if you’re going to say, but I love women and yet very other word out of your mouth attaches a very feminine flavor to sin and other assorted human failings, it reveals some rather obvious doublespeak.

Fear and the shaming of femininity actually creates weak men, not strong ones. I’m not complaining here, I just think we have quite enough of those in the world already. Fear and repression used to modify and control behavior is just like a pharisee wiping the outside of a cup and calling it clean. One might present a good cover on the surface, but when the poo hits the fan, there will be no substance there.

Photo by Ponyo Sakana on Pexels.com