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….And the parting on the left is now the parting on the right…..

I have some ‘Who” lyrics floating around in my head today and I was just pondering the whole nature of betrayal and how challenging that can be to cope with emotionally and spiritually. It occurs to me that many people in this country are dealing with disappointment, shattered illusions, and uncertainty.

I feel I should make a comment on this matter on account of the fact that I usually suffer from the precise opposite affliction. With all good humor here, my train went off the tracks on the other far side of the valley. I don’t have nearly enough illusions left to shatter. I seriously need to acquire some more illusions. That may not seem like a serious problem to you, but speaking the truth is not very user friendly. It is so not the way to win friends and influence people.

It’s kind of in my nature to be an encourager, not to tell people all will be well, but at least to point them to the One who makes all things well. He does, too! There is no situation that He can’t vastly improve. No matter what is going on, invite the Lord in. In no time at all, He’ll have you chained to a wall in prison, rejoicing and singing hymns.

My nature as an encourager is often in conflict with my truth telling, so I actually have to just be quiet a lot. The stress from all the pretending eventually starts to get to me and then I wind up blurting out things I probably shouldn’t like how somebody has about as much spine as a congealed plate of overcooked pasta and the odds of them standing up for anything, ever, are exceedingly low.

Sigh. And that’s AFTER I’ve adjusted the equation to compensate for the influence of my own chronic negativity.

I’ve seriously pondered the idea of becoming a demotivational speaker. I think I’d be really good at it! Of course nobody would even listen to me because they’d all be too busy doom scrolling on their phones.

I try to avoid too much politics or perhaps too much mindless polarization because I genuinely believe most of this divisive hot headed reactionary rubbish is not going to matter in eternity and so it’s a complete waste of time. Also, its really boring and full of hysterical shrieking.

But I got to tell you people, I’ve never seen anything this dumb in my life. This is like stoopid on steroids.

I used to sing that song, “we won’t get fooled again” knowing perfectly well we will, again and again, because we’re really slow learners. Just the same, I think we’ve now managed to take it to a whole new level.