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I really appreciated this post from Mel called, “Why we must be led into a lonely place.” There’s just some really good truths in there, some encouragement, some hope at the end of the tunnel.

I’m excited, I’m starting to see some fruitfulness, some purpose behind all this madness going on! A bit amusing but right before covid and the lockdowns hit, we’d just finished a Bible study on rest. So I went into this whole thing freshly armed with some timely tools. I’ve had an amazing year of growth with the Lord, relatively painless and even kind of fun! The culture seems to be swirling the drain, but the Lord has been right there, faithful and kind to me.

So, one year and 30 days into “two weeks to flatten the curve,” and I realize I really just can’t abide snitches, tattle tales, narcs. Oh my gosh, nails on a chalkboard, I’m telling ya. Trigger alert! Like, mom gets this unexplainable little twitch over her left eye brow. I have no idea as to the origins of that issue, but I am the oldest child and I do have a loyal streak, so the whole concept of whining to authority over something really dumb just pushes my buttons.

I’m laughing here because, “.. being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion…”

I am 90% healed of that affliction because oh brother, 2020 put more tattle tales and snitches in my path than anyone should ever have to meet in a lifetime! The very caricature of a “karen” grew to new heights and became a recognizable cultural icon. God is funny that way, if He wants you to deal with something they’ll fall out of the sky on top of you. In my life it was literally raining karens.

The Lord and I worked on this. And then we worked on it some more. And some more, pulling out all those bitter roots that gave me grief.

Back when this all began, our silly health dept thought it would be a good idea to recruit these covid cops who would spy on people to make sure they were complying with all the rules. I encountered 3 of these people early on. How do I know I’m 90% healed? They didn’t eat their cameras. In fact, by the time I encountered the last one, I was quite cheerful and even posed maskless for her.

Social media has just been plumb full of whiner warriors and chronic tattle tales. There was one today complaining because half the people walking OUTSIDE in this town were not wearing masks. (Here we drive alone with masks on, we swim with masks on, we probably even wear a mask to climb in bed with our spouse. ) Trust me, people walking outside without a mask on is downright rebellious.

I say I’m “90% healed” because I don’t think the Lord really wants me to start shaking hands and singing kumbaya with a bunch of tattle tales, I just think He wanted me strong in the broken places and able to rule over my own soul.

No twitchy eyebrow today, no desire to hide, and no need to drag my giant catapult out and just fling people off the planet……

“He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.”-Proverbs 25:28