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Now this article was pretty good! Its called, ”Luxury Beliefs are the Latest Status Symbol.”

Exactly! I’ve been saying some similar things for many years now, just not quite so artfully, and I’ve been trying very hard not to get pulled into class warfare too, but dang so much of what is going on in our culture right now is really elitist! It’s also really bad for poor people.

There are a lot of reasons why marriage is important, but one is economic. Single parents are going to struggle more economically. The church is important for building community, meaning, purpose. MLK was a pastor, the civil rights movement was organized in churches. Heck, something like “fat acceptance” sounds good on the surface, but this is like accepting type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cormorbidities. Its a luxury belief, one not rooted in genuine love for the well being of people.

In fact, everything the culture wants us to do right now is exceedingly bad for the poor and working class. If you follow the advice of these “luxury beliefs” you’re going to be miserable. Get married, raise children with two parents, go to church, and eat right, exercise, take care of your health.

Also, stay home with your kids, don’t chase wealth and the rat race, live simply, and pay less taxes.

I had a good cackle over this part, “Another luxury belief is that religion is irrational or harmful. Members of the upper class are most likely to be atheists or non-religious……Places of worship are often essential for the social fabric of poor communities. Denigrating the importance of religion harms the poor.”

Amen! Three cheers for that truth. Somewhere around here I have a post accusing atheists of being elitists trying to steal a lame woman’s crutch. Bit of snarkasm going on there, but I meant it, there is truth is those words. It really is immoral to run about trying to take away people’s foundation, attempting to kick their support system out from under them. Also, the Lord didn’t make me lame, He taught me how to walk upright in a fallen world full of broken people.