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I totally snagged that title from Pastor Wilson’s post to be found here.

Quite some time ago I wanted to talk about radicalization and hate speech, specifically the origins and roots of cultian behavior, and the radicalization of who I call the “Lost Boys.” Those are broken and confused men, often suffering from addiction and looking for ways to feel powerful in the world. Tragically for some, that just tends to end in violence.

Long story short, the entire left wing of the world went bananas, suddenly everything became hate speech and allegedly there is some kind of “white supremist command center” that sends out dog whistles. This delusion or distortion of reality has now worked it’s way into the highest parts of our government. A good chunk of this country is now looking for racists hiding under the bed.

By the way, if you have to look under the bed for microaggressions, you don’t understand the issues at all.

So I had to abandon my mission. What was my mission? To have a civil discussion with Christian grown ups about radicalization in America and how we are failing young men. One reason why I got interested in this subject was because I was working in a coffee shop decades ago, eavesdropping on Christiane Amanpour who had come to interview and investigate the, “origins of Christian radicalization/nationalism.” Keep in mind I live in cow tipping country in the second most secular county in the nation. I had no idea we even had other Christians lurking in the woodwork, let alone any radical ones. I jest, I knew we had about five or six other Jesus followers hiding somewhere, but as far as I knew they were as passive as I was.

Some things that I partially heard, some attitudes, the vibe, chilled me to the bone. Like, Amanpour was on a mission to dehumanize Christians and have them all designated as the nation’s enemy and she was just a tiny two bit player in a much larger game. Fast forward several years, mission accomplished, and we finally arrive at useful idiots like Jory Micah sending out tweets like this one:

If the FBI comes knocking at my door looking for Christian leaders radicalizing young men to hate, I’m pointing them to James White, John MacArthur and Doug Wilson. Who are you pointing the FBI to? “-Jory Micah M.A. Christian Doctrine/Church History

We are not the same, Jory and I. We are not the same because I would absolutely hide those men in a wall somewhere and the FBI can just go get bent. What was my original mission? To have a civil discussion with grown ups about radicalization in America and how we are failing young men. I can’t even have that discussion with someone like Jory Micah because all she cares about is slaying boogeymen in her game of virtue signaling her vast moral superiority and alleged cultural relevancy. She is having an emotional and psychological larp in her own imagination, not engaging in a two way civil conversation with grown ups.

My boss at that coffee shop, sold out and fled to Thailand, not because they were Christians, but because they were smarter than Christians and saw the writing on the wall, the direction our country was taking.

I still want to have that conversation and I have been. Also, after lots of research and lots of prayer, the Lord has handed me just want I need. He is good that way, He lights the path before us and points us in the right direction. He gives us the secret desires of our heart.

I believe hate speech and radicalization are genuine issues. Heck, I can change the energy in a room just by having a negative attitude. Soon everyone else does, too! So yes, if hatred is what you are feasting on, hatred is what you become. We are what we eat. However, after the first time, there are no victims, just volunteers. If I could talk to Jory, I’d ask her why she is self identifying with a mass murderer, why her empathy is weaving excuses for him, why she is blaming some pastors and book authors for an atrocity, and what does she get out of that game? I mean, there is always a pay off, emotionally, psychologically. I’ve never understood why we blame comic books, bits of music, Pokemon cards, and pastors, rather than the actual perpetrator? Because we fear the darkness within our own selves, I suspect. Far more comfortable to embrace the idea that the root of evil exists in some external factor like brainwashing or radicalization, and not as something innate to human nature.

As to MacArthur, Wilson, and White, we do need to talk about how the power of life and death is in our tongues and about how important it is that we speak life over the world right now. I don’t believe for an instant that any of those men intend harm or that they intentionally radicalize anyone. You can read their words, you can see their heart for the Father. They may be hot headed sometimes, they may speak out of turn or be blind to some issues, but they are not evil, they are not running the, White Supremacy Central Command.

THAT is just exceedingly dumb.