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The other day someone tried to credential me with, “respect the science,” and I thought, Dude! I just so happen to run a science blog, donja know.

Just kidding! Actually I thought, sheesh that’s so six months ago! For a culture warrior, you’re a bit slow on the uptake. Propaganda has a pull date, get with the program.

A few days later I got kind of cornered by a small mob. I’m not going to state any numbers, but we’ll just go with, they were fierce and many, and all demanding to know if I’d had my vaccine yet. I tried to just say “no” and walk away, but then they insisted on being assured I was going to comply real soon. I just looked around helplessly because hand to hand combat is not really my thing. Finally this sweet man walked in at just the right moment and rescued me by saying, I don’t think we’re even giving shots to the 20 year olds yet, are we?? Woot! Now that’s the right answer.

Oh heck no, I am not going to get vaccinated, but good answer.

I’ve now lived long enough that I have actually experienced several sciency mishaps. Spraying kids down with DDT is one of them. Recalled dangerous vaccines is another. Thalidomide babies is another.

I’m probably twice as bothered by arguments that try to present “science” itself as a moral marker for all that is good and golden, then I am by the subject matter itself! Like, something is not “good” because it is “science.” Nazis liked science. Germ warfare is science. If you actually do believe that slapping “science” on something makes it moral and good, that means I live in a world populated by people too stupid to tie their own shoelaces in the morning and that really offends me.

The very nature of science demands it be questioned. Especially medical science. Ten times as much when it comes to medical science. For goodness sakes, in very recent history we performed lobotomies to cure rebellion and mental illness. We believed in hysterectomies to cure female hysteria. We engaged in forced sterilizations and eugenics, allegedly to prevent crime.

It wasn’t until 1994 that we discovered the horrors of the Oak Ridge Institute for Nuclear Studies in which more than 700 people were used in radiation experiments. That has since been renamed the more user friendly, “Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education.”

Science can be bloody immoral, downright evil, and all wrongheaded. This has been universally true whenever it has gotten into the business of social engineering. It has never ended well, never. History, even very recent history, is full of so many well documented cases, many that were even investigated by congress and eventually deemed a, horrific humanitarian tragedy.

One would have to be a total lemming to “respect the science,” no offense intended to the little arctic rodents, it’s just like, sheesh people..